Tivoli GM pleating question

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  1. So as I indicated in a couple former threads, my bf's sister helped me bring back the Tivoli GM from the Mothership in Paris. I had really wanted this bag, but the pleating on the bag seems a bit off to me...not sure if I'm just being particular. It doesn't seem to fold down as nicely as in other TPFs' pics. There always seems to be bunching at the bottom of the bag, and the sides of the bag don't "pinch" in like I see in some members' pics. Is my bag defective or is it supposed to be like this? :confused1: Also, does anyone else find it a bit difficult to close and open the zipper when you first start to pull the zipper pull? It seems ok once you start it going, but it seems a bit difficult and "stuck" when starting...does that make any sense?





  2. One more pic...side profile...no "pinch"!

  3. I don't know if you can see what I mean...other people's pleat seems to end near the bottom of the bag, whereas mine seems to end in the middle...is this normal??
  4. Mine is the same way, but you can try pinching it and make the pleat longer.
  5. Well, your bag does look a little different than mine or some of the others I’ve seen. The pleat down the front seems to be not so bad. Is it possible that you have strange or large shaped item inside the bag? The bunching in on the sides is way different. Have you tried pushing the sides down. I know if I put on the side of the bag it would look like your photo’s. As far as the zipper, yes it is hard for me to get the zipping started but once it gets going it’s fine. I added a couple pic’s of my bag and an ad picture for reference.

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  6. I think that when all of your things are inside, it causes the bag to 'expand' and stretch out the pleat. Your bag is beautiful!
  7. Ok, maybe I'm looking at it too closely. It came kind of flattened when my bf's sis brought it over, so I've been trying to "fatten" it back up! The bag is already pretty empty though in the pics...wonder if it gets better or worse when full. Does the bag shape get funny if you're not carrying too much stuff?
  8. actually. I think it looks ok. Think you need to put things in and let the shape form ;)
  9. Thanks guys! Maybe I'll try pushing down the sides like GGlover suggested.
  10. Yeah, try pushing the sides down. It does look a little different than mine. I know if I overload it or when I tried my large Purseket in it, it pushed the pleats out. Hope you can get the pleats to be more "pleaty"