Tivoli GM owners...

  1. Have any of you had a problem with the bottom of straps rolling outwards?
  2. the end of the 'T' strap? Just tuck it in when store, it should be flat the next time you use :yes:
  3. no i havent had a prob at all
  4. no problem for me either
  5. aymiee, I am happy (?) to tell you that you are not nuts. The bottom of my straps are curling up, too. It doesn't bother me terribly, but it is happening. I'm not one to unpack and store my bags nightly -- what an enormous amount of time that would take! I mostly use a bag for a number of weeks/months (with the occasional change for an evening out or a specific event) so I'm just going to allow it to happen. I guess I feel the same way about the vachetta. Whatever the normal wear process is, that is what will happen. (Of course, if there was something splitting or peeling or tearing, you know, real DAMAGE, I'd be having a cow, but I don't put this in that category.):smile: The only thing that is driving me crazy is how to accessorize this beauty? Should I put a bag charm on it? Should I replace some of my Black MC accessories with brand new mono ones? Amarante Vernis ones?
  6. I would have to totally agree with everything you say here, lol!

    My straps do the same thing, but I figure there is nothing that can really be done about this so its no big deal (I don't believe this to be a defect, its just what happens when the leather sits against the puffy bag).

    Also, I too am wondering about an accessory! I just ordered a monogram degrade bandeau (it will be arriving today), and I have plans to snatch up a vernis heart (don't know what color yet, but it may have to be whatever they have available). I would love to accessorize with a Sweet Love Bandeau, if it ever comes out (right now its only in "scarf"). Ahhhhhhh...... :heart:
  7. In this winter weather, I would never go for a bandeau, but I'm sure it will be beautiful for you! As for other accessories? See my thread here. Wish I could go for one of those vernis hearts myself!:heart::heart::heart: