Tivoli GM owners; how do we keep the bottom from sagging?

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  1. ANy suggestions or know of any items made for the Tivoli's bottom? TIA
  2. I put a LV catalog in the bottom of the bag. It works perfect :tup:.
  3. I made a card board base myself with the cardboard base of shopping bags!
  4. I liked the sag but ended up not in love with the bag, so I sent it back. But I think other members have used a magazine to keep the bottom flat. You might be able to get a heavy placemat in an acrylic-type material or something and cut it to fit.
  5. On most of my "saggy-type" bags, I cut out a bottom with my LV box. I just make sure to "round" the edges.
    Although lately I've been doing that to some of my non-saggy bags. I think it also helps keep the bottom of my bags cleaner. I still won't carry any pens in my bags tho'. :P
  6. I just use my planner and it works fine. I don't need to add any extra weight and it serves both functions. The other thing is, I just try not to carry so much and the bottom is fine. I looooooove this bag.
  7. Yes noooooo pens!!! No food!
  8. Hi. I have a 1 year old daughter and I use her board books. The book is about 1/4 inch thick and is about 6x9 (in inches) so it doesn't fit perfectly but it does the job. I place it in the center of the bag. It's sturdy and doesn't sag at all. I also use another board book for my Gucci 'Joy' Boston bag (similar to a Speedy 30).
  9. eBay sells purse shapers for many of the Lv bags!