Tivoli GM or Stresa PM?

I think it's time for me to invest in a nice shoulder bag. But I seem to be so torn between these two! What are your guys' experiences with these bags? I'm 5'4" and 130lbs and would like to know which one would look nicer on my figure? TIA!


Oct 9, 2010
I love my new to me Tivoli GM! It is a great bag. Love the adjustable double straps, wide opening, the two big pockets and the zipper.


Jun 30, 2006
it's always summer here!
I like the look of stresa better, it is such a pretty bag!

I have tivoli gm and I fell out of love long time ago. I saw too many ones with super dark patina- I don't think tivoli ages well.
So I went with artsy and I'm so much happier and I love the slouch-ness.... I carried tivoli for the first time in months few days ago...it fits a lot, but I was having a hard time keeping the bag to look 'nice' on the shoulder - if it has too little, it gets flat and it has too much, it gets pretty bulky.
Stresa seems like more user-friendly bag and it is def on my list!! :smile: and it will look better with dark patina, but I really don't like the dark patina on tivoli...so my tivoli is back in my closet.
I still love the shape, so I'm using my trevi for now.


Oct 18, 2010
Hi OP, I have both and love them for their unique-ness. I purchased the Tiv-GM first. I always thought that it was a gorgeous bag (however it stays in the dustbag more that I would like). I really only take it out for special occasions because it can get kind of heavy as I tend to put alot in my bags. Then I purchased the Stresa PM (before the last price increase). This is my go-to-everyday-bag! I love it just as much, but the Stresa (IMO) is more functional and easier to get in and out of (although some might disagree). I say go try them on in the store and see which one looks best on you. It wouldn't hurt to play around with them in person and then take some time and sleep on it. Best of luck!


May 25, 2011
although i'm not a monogram fan, but i'll pick Stresa pm! Love the look over the tivoli gm ;)