Tivoli GM or MC Speedy 35?

LadY vUitTOn

Mar 26, 2009
Hi Everyone! I'm new to the forum and wanted some advice...I wanted to purchase a Tivoli GM a week and a half ago but it was sold out when I got to the store. They were closing in 20 mins, so I took a look at the Damier Neverfull MM and figured that I could use one (I have a 9 month old). I wasn't sure if I needed it but ended up buying it along with a MC Speedy 35 too.

I dropped by LV today and took another look at the Tivoli and remembered why I liked it in the first place. I still want it but can't decide if I should wait a bit until my next purchase since the two I just bought amount to more than the Tivoli I originally planned on buying or if I should return the speedy and pay the difference to get the Tivoli now. I know that they are totally different bags and I do already have 2 other speedys (Damier and Azur)...Help please?


Jan 22, 2006
:welcome2: LV Forum. You really want a tivoli gm so I'd say, return the speedy and get the tivoli gm.:yes: If you can't let go of your MC Speedy, maybe save up for the tivoli gm? It's ok to have a lot of speedies, many of us do.;) What matters is which one you like more and if you would love to have both in your collection.:heart: