Tivoli GM or Black Suhali Lockit?

  1. I have narrowed the search and the contenders are the Tivoli GM and the black Suhali Lockit PM. I want something for an "everyday" bag that works with suits or slacks and a sweater for work and jeans for the weekend. I am a bit worried that the Tivoli will be too big, and a bit worried that the Suhali will be too small (but I don't like the other size options in either bag). What do you guys think? TIA!

    Also, if anyone who has the Tivoli GM could measure the base of the bag from seam to seam, I would appreciate it. And comparison pics of these next to Speedy 30 or other bags are also welcome! Thanks!
  2. black Suhali Lockit PM definitely!!!
  3. Suhali Lockit PM!!!

    those two bags are completely different like you said, but if you ask me, get the Suhali for office work (something that doesn't scream LV is good here), and the mono bag is much more casual and can be used for weekends
  4. It's best to have too big than too small. But I think the black Suhali Lockit is clearly better imo!
  5. Suhali Lockit in any of its colors is beautiful!!
  6. Looks like I am the only one who prefers the Tivoli... :shame: I find the Suhali too ladylike and the Tivoli a little younger, I guess that's why I prefer it. It is true, the Suhali is more subtle without the monograms all over it but that's okay - unless you work in an environment where you get envious looks...
  7. it really depends on what you wear on the weekends. if you're more of a dressy top + jeans + pumps kind of girl then definitely get the lockit! if you're more dressed down in tees + flats, then get the tivoli! both bags are gorgeous so you won't be making a bad choice either way!
  8. If you can do it now...I would get the Suhali 1st, then the tivoli later :yes: so..uh, yes - suhali!
  9. Suhali Lockit PM in black ... timeless and classy!
  10. lockit!
  11. suhali lockit pm in black! :yes:
  12. Of those two, definitely the Suhali Lockit!
  13. SUHALI LOCKIT hands down!!!
  14. I love them both, but I like the lockit much more for work. I wouldn't consider it a jeans type bag. I like the Tivoli GM for with jeans and casual clothes. They're both gorgeous!
  15. Lockit!