Tivoli GM or Alma Mono ~ which 1 is youthful and trendy????

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  1. Hi, as I mentioned in my earlier theard? someone commented Tivoli GM looks like old lady bag and suggested Alma Mono.
    Which bag you all think is more youthful and trendy for Tivoli GM or Alma Mono?
  2. I prefer the tivoli and don't find it to be an old lady bag at all!!!! It think the alma is a more mature bag!
  3. Youthful and trendy?! That perfectly describes the Tivoli! :smile:
  4. Tivoli for sure!!! Even though Alma is very classy it be more mature.
  5. Tivoli is more youthful id say, alma is very classy.
  6. tivoli, definitely!
  7. Tivoli fits your description. The Alma is classy and mature..........
  8. Funny, I thought the other way around. I love both styles, but I find the Alma to be "old looking." I agree with others that the Tivoli fits the more "youthful" description.
  9. tivoli! :heart:
  10. The tivoli is newer so I think of it as younger and hipper. The alma is classic.
  11. Tivoli it is !

    The Alma seems mature to me too although it is a classic that u can use everywhere...
  12. I like the Tivoli GM much better
  13. I love both bags. I have a Mono Alma, and I'm getting a Tivoli PM in the very near future. The Alma is certainly classic, but I wouldn't say it's an old lady bag. The Tivoli is newer and has a great shape, and I think it's a good bag for all ages.

    You should get what YOU like. After all, you're going to be the one carrying it for a long time. Good luck!
  14. Tivoli is youthful while Alma is classic. good luck w/ your decision.
  15. I vote for Tivoli, since I think Alma is more a mature bag. :yes: