Tivoli GM? Mirage Speedy? Or something else entirely? (long...)

  1. I just recently ordered, received, and sent back a Trevi GM, and now I have that little *bug* that keeps repeating in my ear... "You need one more LV... You need one more LV!" So, here is my dilemma...

    Here's what I already have: A Mono Looping Large, which I never carry because it is a little too "stiff" of a look for me and which I should probably just sell. For everyday in the spring and summer, I switched off between my Lichen Denim Baggy GM (which I might also put up for sale at some point... who knows?) and my Azur Speedy 30. In the fall, I switched to my Damier Speedy 30 and then nabbed a beauutiful Epi Mandarin Petit Noe on eBay. The Noe is great to grab when I really need hands-free, but that lace thing does irritate me. I also hope the Mandarin color works well in the spring and summer.

    I LOVE the pleated look of the Trevi and Tivoli, but the Trevi GM was too huge-looking for me. (I'm 5'4" tall and not slender.) I know the Tivoli GM is about the same size, but the curve on it is a little gentler, and in the Mono and vachetta, I wonder if it wouldn't look quite so BIG & DARK. I need a bag large enough to hold a big Mono ziparound wallet, a black MC pochette for receipts and credit cards, a Trunks 'n Bags pochette for cosmetics, my iphone, my keys, two eyeglass cases, and a few other small odds & ends.

    I'm also wondering about the Mirage Speedy. Even without the ease of a shoulder strap, I adore carrying my two Speedy 30's. (They're just so elegant and ladylike and yet you can wear them with very casual clothes and just sort of toss them around.) Would the Mirage in Bordeaux be too similar to my Damier? (I know I would love the more luxurious interior.)

    Also, what is the status of the Tivoli GM and the Mirage Speedies? Are they all sold out? Are they ever coming back in stock? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!:yahoo:
  2. I have both bags & I think you should get the Mirage first since it's limited. Or buy both & decide which one you like better;). Call 866VUITTON. They can access stock info on ALL stores in the U.S (LV boutiques only, not dept. stores that carry LV). If your bags are out there, they can find them for you.
  3. Go for the mirage! It's gorgeous!!
  4. I love the Mirage speedies but can you really fit everything you need to in one of those? Whenever I carry my speedies, I hate digging around to find things if I have too much junk in there. I also like the Tivoli, it seems more spacious. This is difficult lol... Mirage is beautiful and totally LE. I'm not sure if the Tivoli is seasonal or not, but do what your gut feels! If you can make your things fit in the speedy, do that. If you'd rather have a more spacious tote, go for the Tivoli. I personally love them both (so get both!! ha)!!
  5. Thanks all (and welcoming more opinions, for sure!) Big question: Is the Mirage Speedy too much like the Damier? I'm really drawn to the Bordeaux.
  6. i don't think the damier speedy is similar to the mirage speedy. the mirage speedy is just a wonderful take on the classic speedy. i have one in noir and its really great. though i'm not sure if the mirage speedy will be able to accommodate all that you carry (it might sag). i think the tivoli GM might be better suited for that.

    i would get the mirage first and the tivoli later since tivoli isn't going anywhere.
  7. not a fan of mirage, so I vote Tivoli GM! It's an awesome bag!
  8. ...maybe sell whatever bags that you don't use now and just get both? :shrugs: i would get the speedy first though since it is LE. you can never have too many bags, even if you can swim in all of them =). just IMO. ;)
  9. Mirage Speedy....Gorgeous!!
  10. Mirage Speedy, I have not seen it in person but I love it from all those who have posted pics.
  11. Mirage Speedy gets my vote! It's gorgeous and i'm sure you'll love it!
  12. am i the only one who thinks she should have kept the trevi:confused1:. anyway, i really love the trevi, did you try the pm? the trevi pm is about the same size as the tivoli gm. it sounds like you need a good amount of space and the trevi pm is still larger than the mirage speedy.
  13. Definately Mirage Speedy!! It is so gorgeous, and limited edition. I do not think it is at all similar to the Damier--- the Bordeaux will be very different from your other bags! You also mentioned how much you love carrying your speedy 30's so I would definately go for the Mirage!!! :smile:
  14. I don't think the Mirage Speedy is similar to the Damier at all. But it is TDF. I'd go for the Mirage. You can always get the Tivoli later.
  15. Mirage! We are about the same height and build and I also carry just about the exact same items as you. My Mirage fits everything very nicely with room to spare. Honestly, for now, I've stopped carrying anything else. I liked my mono Speedy before, but I LVoe my bordeaux Mirage Speedy! Get one and you'll know what I mean instantly.
    Nope, the Damier is definately way different and not at all like the Mirage.