Tivoli GM base too wide?

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  1. So I recently got the Tivoli GM, and I haven't used it yet, but I have tried it on empty at home. I wonder if it would feel awkward to put your arm over it since the base is kind of wide. I am thinking about Galliera PM now for that reason. Have any of you found any problems with the width of the base or find it to be awkward or uncomfortable?

  2. the base is not hard, plus the top is not as wide as the bottom, i personally didn't have a problem when i had the GM (sold it to fund X-mas). Between Galliera and tivoli, i like tivoli's adjustable strap in GM, full zipper and the fact it can stand on it's feet.:yes:
  3. nope, no problems here. i just got mine and absolutely love it. love it way more than the galliera.