Tivoli doesn't fit well in its dustbag...what now?

  1. I have the Tivoli GM, and I thought for once I would get a drawstring dust bag for it...but NOPE! I got the usual fold-over type that barely fits my Tivoli! Actually it doesn't fit, but the flap covers any part that doesn't sit tucked inside (don't know if that made too much sense). Anyone get a drawstring with theirs? :confused1:

    I didn't ask for the drawstring bag because at the store they keep each purse's dust bag inside the purse it came on...so I figured I had no choice and arguing would be a waste of time and effort. Also, when I used to be into Coach this is how they did things as well. Industry standard? :cursing:

    I have read on other threads people recommending going back to LV and asking for a drawstring bag...does this actually work? :nuts:
  2. Limarie, Sorry I only have the Tivoli PM so you know my bag fits in her dustbag just fine, but I had to post...your doggie is ADORABLE!
  3. Thanks so much!!! Martini is the BEST yorkie ever! :love:
  4. i also only got a regular dust bag, so i just put my tivoli gm into its dust bag then into the box that came with it. i know from this forum that it's possible to request a box as long as you show them your purchase receipt. maybe you can give that a try. :tup:
  5. Stuff it in a clean cotton pillow case :biggrin:
  6. Yep, agree with Bag Fetish....put it in a pillowcase!! I use them all the time.
  7. I just got a BV last week and my SA actually asked me if I wanted the regular or drawstring dustbag. Of course I wanted the drawstring!

    hmm, come to think of it, I also have a drawstring for my coussin gm.