Tivoli Dilemma, Help!

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  1. I try the tivoli pm yesterday at the boutique now I can stop thinking of getting one. My SA thought it was a bit small for my 5'2 frame. Now I can't decide if I should get the pm or gm. I'm really concern with the straps curling on the gm. What should I do?
  2. :sad:
  3. I had the gm, and the straps did end up curling. The bag just did not wear well at all.

    (It ended up getting ruined by rain, & I still haven't replaced it.)
  4. I am 5'3 and carried the Tivoli PM. I never thought it was too small for me. I like the look of the PM better then the GM.
  5. The straps curl ???? WHAT!!!! I just purchased a GM and I hope I won't be disappointed.
  6. They do curls. Check out the club house because thats what held me back from getting the gm.
  7. Do you find it roomy enough? I should have put my daily essentials in it yesterday while I was at the store.
  8. WHAT??? Your SA thought the PM was too small for a 5'2" frame? Ummm, that's pretty petite, so if it's too small for you, then who is it made for? I'm 5'4" and it works just fine for me. Granted, I'm not a girl who loves a huge bag, but seriously, it's not that small.
  9. Lol, I'm not sure what she was smoking but she thought it was a bit small. Do you still love yours?
  10. Yes, there is enough room for me to carry everything I need. It really is such a cute bag.
  11. Thanks! There's something about the pm that makes my heart skip for a second. I have to try it out again and hopefully take her home.
  12. I'd get the PM. I like the look of that size better than the GM... I'm not really a fan of the GM's adjustable straps, either, especially since they eventually end up curling.
  13. Maybe she just wanted to sell the higher priced item????;)

    Go with what you love, you have to wear it.
  14. I like the look of the pm. It's not too small IMO.
  15. I'm 5'4" and I love mine. It isn't a huge bag but it carries everything I need. I usually have my sm agenda that I double as a wallet, a med. sized wristlet, sunglasses (though not the case) sm makeup bag and my phone. It isn't a shoulder bag but it's a great bag.