Tivoli Damier? Azur?

  1. Does anyone know if the Tivoli will ever be released in Damier or azur? I'd love to see it in both!
  2. I'd love to see it in Damier, too!
  3. yeah Damier def will be hot.
  4. Damier would be gorgeous!
  5. Here is a picture of a fake one.. it would be cute if they really made it!
  6. umm i dont think they gonna have it in damier.. but you can always SO it
  7. ...it does look interesting in azur, but even if they made it, its just not for me.
  8. wow! the fake one look so real! :wtf:

  9. I was wondering the same thing too!!

    btw, I'm a total newbie...what does SO mean? :sweatdrop:
  10. ^^ Special order. Azur one would be absolutely stunning.
  11. Ack. I wouldn't even think twice about SOing it after seeing so many of these fake ones roaming about. No offense, but even a real SO'ed one would most likely be mistaken for a fake. It looks better in Mono anyway.
  12. You cant SO it...
    The item have to be on the market for 2 years to SO....
    so i guess you all have to wait till they make it in damier
  13. Hopefully that wasn't directed to me? :sad: I certainly don't want an SO Tivoli Azur, since like I said, it'll be mistaken for a fake anyway. Since there's so many fake ones out there. Moreso than the regular Mono version. :hrmm:

    I HOPE LV doesn't make it in Damier! If anything, they totally should make it in Ebene only. Tivoli looks horrible in Azur anyway.