Tivoli Coming Soon?

  1. I heard lots ppl are on the waiting list for Tivoli...I actually got mine ..and it was last one in the store.."How lucky i am"
    One of my frd wants to have it too..but all sold out and SA told her that the waiting list is really LONG..I wonder, since this isn't a limited edition ..will be permanent bag just like speedy? or this will always on the waiting list..:confused1:
  2. i heard this one is a permanent. so have your friend get on the waiting list NOW!!
  3. It's part of the permanent collection. When the Beverlys came out, there were long waiting lists for those too. Once they got through everyone, they weren't that hard to get. I got my call for the Tivoli a couple of nights ago, but turned it down with money getting tight during Christmastime. No rush for me to get it though, I'll just get it sometime next year.
  4. ~Yep-tell your friend NO worries...there will be more coming;) It's def. a permanent collection:tup:~
  5. i got mine!
    i wasn't even on a list!
    none of the p[eople on the list responded within the day, so it was sold to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. have your friend call the store in Seattle Washington. I was there on business this fall. There were a number of things there that were out of stalk in other cities. An SA there told me it often takes a while for things to catch on and its is easier to get stuff there...TRy the Store at the Wynn in Vegas. I have had good luck there.
  7. this tends to happen with popular permanent items during launch. i remember people being on WL for azur speedies and waiting a long time. if your friend is in a rush to get one, they should WL asap.
  8. Thank you all ...I've told my frd..since she's not rush..she will just wait. :smile:
  9. I hope I can snag one for my b-day in march!
  10. I was on the waiting list for a little over a week but i finally got mine yesterday!! If youre on the list you will get one for sure but it might be a while.
  11. Just got mine last week. It was the last one in the store too. :greengrin: