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  1. Ok, so I did a search and was surprised when I didn't find anything. SO and I are debating about getting a TIVO. Right now we have a DVR service (actually 2--2 tvs). However we've been debating about the TIVO for a while. We like the convenience of being able to use it with any service in any city etc. And most people seem to be pretty happy with it.

    So here are my questions. Do you guys who have the TIVO (and had to pay for it) find it was worth it? Also, about what does the service cost each month. Can you program it from your phone or online? And lastly, how easy is it to transfer shows etc to DVD? Oh, how about any complaints??

    And basically any thoughts on TIVO vs. DVR would be great to hear. Thanks so much!
  2. hi emcosmo1639

    i love my TiVos! I have 4 in my house - one in the living room (HD XL) and one in each bedroom (1 Series 2 single tuner and 2 Series 2 double tuner). All four are linked to my wireless home network which allows me to transfer shows between devices and also to transfer them to my iMac for either porting to DVD or to my iPod/iTunes. I believe the software to transfer shows on a PC is free but on a Mac you will have to pay up to $90 extra for the Roxio Toast software. The newest version lets you transfer shows back to you TiVo - which is nice if you need to free up space on your TiVo hard drive but don't necessarily want to burn a DVD of the show.

    You have several options for service - you can go monthly which I believe is $12.95/month. They also brought back the Lifetime Service options for $399 per device. If you have service on one device, you can request a multi-service discount on the other units in your house. It looks like all they offer now is the Premiere box - it will not work with satellite or ATT U-verse services and requires a CableCard - so make sure your cable company offers that option to receive digital cable service.

    You can program recordings from your phone or online as long as the TiVo is connected to the broadband service in your home - either wirelessly or via ethernet (this requires the purchase an accessory from TiVo).

    I replaced the DVR provided by TWC with my TiVo and was so happy I did. At the time, the DVR did not offer season pass options or the ability to search for shows - this was several years ago so I don't know how they have improved in that aspect. But in any case, I could not live w/o my TiVo. Best entertainment purchase I have ever made.

    If I didn't answer a question or you want more info, I will check back here later.

  3. I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE TiVo. I had a DVR service with Comcast and it just didn't hold a candle to TiVo. I will never go back to another service.

    Just yesterday I thought of a show I wanted to have TiVo record. I went to TiVo's website, logged in, and took care of it right there. Then I got an email confirmation that TiVo was going to record it for me. Bliss!

    ITA with nutrihuney, it's the best entertainment purchase I've ever made. I paid for the box a while ago but the service I think is $12.95/month.
  4. I LOVE my tivo and dont understand how people can live without it LOL! I am on my 2nd one after the 1st one I had croaked on me :sad:

    I was on vacation and logged in to the tivo from my laptop and recorded the show I wanted. It was so easy. The only mistake I ever made was not to buy the lifetime subscription when I got it. That was a bummer cause I have had one for maybe like 10 years or 8...its been a while :P I do pay yearly though. They give you a small break. I might look in to the lifetime again if they brought it back. I would just want to clarify if it follows the device? Or does it stick with me? Cause Like I said I already had a tivo die on me and I had to buy a new one.

    I am also buying the extra My Book expansion storage device from Amazon for $99. I have some shows that I just dont want to delete.

    nutrihuney you need to explain to me how I get a show off my tivo though and how do I burn it to a dvd. Boy that would be great. Do you know what software I use?
  5. nutrihuney I look in my network and I dont even see my tivo. Is there a special way to see the device? I have the HD Tivo and the wireless adapter.
  6. hi luv2buybags - you would actually see your computer in the "Now Playing" list but you also have to have the right software on your computer and have the media key access key entered.

    If you are using a Mac with OS X you will need to buy the latest version of Roxio Toast. For a Windows OS computer you will need TiVo Desktop PLUS to get your shows back to the TiVo (please verify this in the forums).

    Also to answer your question about the lifetime subscription - it is only for the device - they actually changed the name to product lifetime.
  7. Thank you all so much for your help! I think we are going to get a tivo! Since we live in several cities and are constantly switching cable services I think it makes sense---and everyone seems to love their tivos. So thanks again...can't wait to see what I think!
  8. I have Tivo and Direct Tv DVR. I HATE the DVR. I find it annoying and not as easy to use as the Tivo. I would definitely recommend Tivo :tup:
  9. I also LOVE my tivo. My mom just bought 2 tivo's last year and they have a new program now where you can pay around $300ish for lifetime service instead of the monthly or yearly service plan.
  10. I looooove my TiVo. Have had it since May '04. Series II first. After getting new flat screen HD TV, got TiVo HD. I've never had cable or satellite, so TiVo works easily with antenna TV. With both TiVo boxes, I paid for lifetime service (so no monthly fee). In the long run, save some $$ that way.

    I can't imagine TV without TiVo now.