Titi vs Yolanda?

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  1. What is the difference? I have a pair of titi's that I really like how they fit (peep toes usually fit me funny). I don't have any where to try on yolandas so i'm curious what the difference is.
  2. I do not have either shoe so I will be a little useless here--I am not sure how the last is different, but the Titi has a curved heel and the Yolanda has a straight heel. That is one difference.
  3. The Titi is basically a Madame Claude w/ a curved heel. The Yolanda is more like a Yoyo Zeppa with a graduated platform.
  4. Also the heel of the Yolanda is more like New Simple.
  5. Titi is like a Lady Claude with a curved heel ;)
  6. ^^Ha, I always get the Claudes mixed up!
  7. Would you say that the Yolanda is just as comfortable as the Yo Yo Zeppa? I'm not sure how the graduated platform feels versus a full platform. I'm considering a pair of Yolanda's and would love to know! Thanks :smile:
  8. hello Ladies... I just received my first pair of the Yolandas and I could say that they are comfortable... I have only worn them for about half an hour so i'm not sure if my judgement is valid :smile:... and also this is considering the fact that I wear high heels almost everyday...

    As soon as I wear them out, I'll write an update :smile:
  9. what would be the closed toe equiv. of the lady claude?