Titan Skin Tightening.........

  1. I went to a new place to get my Botox this week and was browsing their services.

    Have any of you had the Titan laser treatment? I just have doubts how long the results would last? The laser is suppose to tighten everthing right up.

    They quoted me $1800 for my neck and $3000 for my face. I don't need anything major but was just curious if anyone had any experience with this type of treatment.

  2. I'd like to know about this too. I got five photo facials last winter and they temporarily tightened my skin and I was very pleased. But sadly the results didn't last but a couple of months.

    I wouldn't mind paying just about any price!
  3. My MIL got this done about a year ago. Her skin has always looked good, but after the Titan, it looked great. She recently got radiesse injections and you can't really tell that anything is different. She also said that she wants to to the Titan again, because she felt that it made a huge difference.
  4. I can't believe I found a post I made a few years ago on this same topic.

    So this year I finally started the skin tightening laser treatments. Yesterday was treatment #2 on my neck and face.....they charge me $250 for each visit. I really started this treatment for my neck ~ I should take before and after pictures and see if there is a noticable difference.

    But my main problem is dealing with the pain.

    It only hurts during the appointment ~ no pain on the way home

    they put a creme on my face to numb the pain and I even took one pain pill so I wouldn't jump off the table.....

    I like the results but I think I might have to go to my family Dr. to see what he suggests.
  5. I haven't seen many posts on this topic but am wondering if anyone has anything else to add. I have had three treatments without any pain whatsoever and have had good results.
    Since Titan I've also learned of Zerona but what I've read on several posts here, doesnt sound so good or as reliable?