Tissue or packing paper?

  1. Some BV's come stuffed with packing paper...that stiff gray white paper that movers use to wrap breakables. Some come stuffed with a silver metallic coated tissue. What's the consensus out there about the best stuffing to use? For those who prefer regular white tissue paper do you use the acid free kind? TIA.
  2. Mine came with the stiff paper. I threw them out and store the Venetas flat. As for Sloane, I put old clothes, like pajamas and t-shirts in another smaller dust bag and use it as stuffing. I find it quite convenient to put in and take out and I can easily adjust the shape to suit the corners of the bags.
  3. I save the nitrogen filled pillows that come in packages. I use these to stuff my bags that are not naturally flat.
  4. I use bubble wrap - not sure why but I just do!
  5. I just use the stuffing that came with the bags, usually stiff white paper.
  6. Whatever that comes with the bag and it's usually packing paper. No hard and fast rules for me as long as there's some stuffing in the bag when I store them.
  7. I'm lazy and don't usually stuff them, I'm always switching back and forth.
  8. ^ I don't ever stuff my bags. They just sit around on my chair, and my bed :p