Tissue on the handles?

  1. I just received a classic medium flap bag from NM, and it didn't have tissue wrapped around the handles. Does this mean it was on display?
  2. Perhaps Neiman Marcus doesn't give tissue on the handles. All of the bags I've gotten from Chanel boutiques have had tissue on the handles though.
  3. no, it doesnt necessarily mean it was a display piece. The SA could have taken the tissue off prior to shipping or maybe they were showing it to a client and they removed it. Plenty of possiblities for the tissue to be off the handles
  4. Most of my bags from NM comes with the tissue wrapped around the handles. Occasionally, they take this off if I request pics. I dont take this to mean that it was necessarily a display or a return. You can almost tell from the bag itself if it's in pristine condition even without the wrapped handles.;)