tissue case?

  1. So it's late here in NJ and I am getting my stuff ready for tomorrow. As I was putting all my bits and pieces into my Kelly, I put my usual pack of pocket kleenex in but this time was stuck by it's 'unhermesness' :sad: . I feel the need to disguise it by being able to put it neatly into a Hermes case specially made for this purpose (yes, I am extremely anal:shame: ). So, is there such a thing?:confused1:
  2. yes, there is.
  3. oooo, tell me more....any pics?:heart:
  4. LOL...OK, I'll find some pics Rose! You'll have to hunt around though, I haven't seen them in store for YEARS!
  5. You're a sweetheart! It will be my next project! Already checked out ebay and Lux-all, but no. I do like the hunting, so this is going to be fun!
  6. Haven't found a pic yet, but they are lambskin, and just fit a little packet of Kleenex in....verrrrry soft! I love the lambskin!
  7. sounds yummy:yahoo:
  8. i was wondering about this the other day too.
  9. Yes, I still have not seen one, been looking on the internet....

    If anyone spots one, please let us know!:heart:
  10. Still on the hunt...no luck so far .. I was also wondering if Hermes makes a 'cigarette' case which may fit a pack of tissues?
  11. Rose, the Karo PM should be great for your pack of Kleenex!
  12. My Karo will be stuffed full of make-up and other bits and pieces .... and my OCD dictates that I NEED :angel: to have a special case for my tissues, sad, I know.....
  13. nope, not sad at all!
    i am using the "zip change purse" that comes inside the larger dogon wallet.
    if you have one of these, it fits well until we get the real thing!
  14. Great idea.... but I don't have the dogon:crybaby:
  15. get another karo pm in another color, rose. since I have the GM, I think I'm going to get a PM for more knickknacks storage!