Tissot Watch: what do you think about dark mother of pearl?

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  1. I found a Tissot Watch I really like. It is the PR100 Lady Sport Chic with mother of pearl dial and diamonds. As it happens, they have it only with a white mother of pearl dial with diamond lunette and with dark mother of pearl with and without a diamond lunette. I would prefer the white mother of pearl dial with diamonds inside but not on the lunette which they do not have. I also wrote to Tissot to ask whether it will come in the following months, they couldn't answer that.
    Now I am thinking whether I should take the Tissot with dark mother of pearl and diamonds inside or the white one with the diamond lunette or wait whether they release the one I want?
    The white one with Diamond Lunette
    The dark one (pic is without diamonds but it has diamonds on the inside:
  2. Sounds like you’re not in love with it. I’d pass.
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  3. white looks dressier, probably it won't be an "everyday" model, while black looks edgy and very nice, and imo will go with everything
    I like black :smile:
  4. I have a Rolex similar to the white you described. Either one would be a good choice depending on what you love more. I would wait and get what you really want.
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