Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin - $15M in debt

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  1. 'Martin' actress Tisha Campbell-Martin and husband file for bankruptcy, over $15 million dollars in debt

    "Martin" actress Tisha Campbell-Martin and her husband Duane Martin are in deep financial debt.
    The couple filed for bankruptcy in the beginning of the year claiming they owe over $15 million dollars and have only $313,000 in assets reports the Daily Mail.
    Their joint monthly income is $7,655 but their monthly expenses are over double that at $16, 953.
    The pair's liabilities include millions to banks, back taxes owed and money on a leased Range Rover.

    The bankruptcy is pending in Federal Court.
    Campbell-Martin, 47, found fame starring opposite Martin Lawrence on the sitcom "Martin" that ran from 1992 to 1997.

    Her husband, Duane Martin, 50, portrays himself in the show "Real Husbands of Hollywood." They have two sons, Xen, 15 and Ezekial, 6.

  2. Next stop, reality show

  3. I can't even imagine those two being interesting to watch! Same thing for Holly Robinson Pete and her husband - Who is given these people shows???
  4. You would think as much as Martin reruns come on TV she would be ok.
  5. Mark my words, it's coming. She's been in Tamar's show, Holly's show and someone else I'm forgetting right now.

    Holly putting her autistic son on tv is asking for trouble. He doesn't need that type of attention IMO.
  6. Is he not Will Smith best friend? Can he land them some money?
  7. I have no sympathy for celebrities with money issues. You already make more money than the average citizen. They weren't born rich so they know how to spend within their means.
  8. Why would Will Smith clean up the mess of two adult, married, able bodied people?

  9. I agree! I wonder why all of a sudden they are putting him on display! Something must be going on with them.

  10. They had a lot of money and they blew it all by living way above their means. If someone gave them more they would do the same thing. I doubt they would suddenly become responsible.
  11. Idk about you, but I wouldn't lend money to a friend who's proven to be financially irresponsible.
  12. Combined they only make 90k a year? That doesn't smell right.
  13. Tisha Campbell Martin Speaks on Bankruptcy Filing: ‘We Filed to Reorganize’

    News broke earlier today that Tisha Campbell-Martin and husband Duane Martin filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. According to the documents, the couple is $15 million in debt and they owe money in unpaid taxes, loans, car leases, credit card bills and other government debts. As of their January filing, they had $200 in cash and $173 in a Credit Union.
    Tisha took to Twitter to speak on the reports in a series of now-deleted tweets and says that they’re not broke — just simply re-organizing their finances.:coolio:

    We’re not sure exactly why she chose to delete the tweets, but considering the type of bankruptcy filing (chapter 7) we can’t say her reasoning makes a whole lot of sense.

  14. Holly can't seem to keep a job. She was on Mike and Molly but it wasn't long before she was off of that show too. She was also on the talk and then she was Kirk off of that show too
  15. Right? Maybe they are still in debt, but are hiding assets/income for the purpose of the bankruptcy??
    All these people making millions of dollars can't seem to manage it. Do they not have financial advisors? Give me 2 mill and I'd be set for life. :smile: