'Tis true. The Visionaire 52 has changed it's packaging

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  1. It was indeed going to be this:

    and now they have changed it to this:


    I called the Visionaire offices this morning (right now) and they said 'yes, it was going to be the envelope but they changed it' (i forgot to ask why).

    She said, but it is very nice. I asked how it opened, she said 'like issue #49, decades', but she had a hard time describing it, so did the sales manager I followed up with, and i haven't been able to find a photo of what issue #49 looks like. I am soooo pissed. I wanted to use it as a laptop sleeve.

    She said it was no longer going to be the miroir material, that going to be a hard material, 'a luxury book cover', whatever the h--- *that* means. talk about lame. wow.


  2. im cancelling my order pronto!
  3. WTH! URG!
    Well maybe they should have thought of that before putting up a picture of a proper Miroir cover and leading us to believe it was that and now they decided to change it?!?
    I'm canceling my order.
    How stupid.
    It was ment to be my christmas present aswell!
  4. I am too.
  5. Thats pretty dumb.. I have no idea what this is but the first one is so much better than the one they change it to.
  6. I am so mad. I was *really* looking forward to it. I was gonna have the most awesome laptop sleeve ever. They suck.

    Why in the heck did they change it? what, it was going to be too expensive? it's PVC for goodness sake! Jerks.
  7. maybe they had production issues with the Mirroir material. maybe they ran out of material because they're releasing a new Mirroir bag :graucho:

    they'll suck some more if they kept the US$375 pricetag.
  8. They are keeping the $375 price tag. I am going to email them and let them know i'm cancelling my order. You guys should email them too. Not that it will do anything, b/c it's not like they're going to release another LV issue in the next few years, but still.
  9. Thanks for posting!

    I did send them a mail, but I have yet to receive a reply. Anyways, now that this is clear, I'm cancelling. Oh well...

    Umm.. I'm still wondering what hard case means though. If it's cardboard, I don't want it, but if it's metal or wood or whatever, it might not be that bad if it's separate. I would think the measurements would still be the same and that it's still removable?


    but maybe they'll do an hermes issue. ;)
  10. AH how crap! I am cancelling my order now! Thank you for letting us know! xx
  11. WHAT!!?That's sucks!!Lucky I haven't order mine.I think they will be shocked by how many people actually gonna cancel their orders after they find out this.
  12. Oh, I did find a picture of Decades:

    It doesent state which material it is in though...

    And I can't believe they didn't spell hermès correctly. :p This is even Amazon in CANADA they should be able to get the french letters right.

  13. I'm hoping to see a more all around image so i can see how it opens, but i guess it looks the same all around. bleh.
  14. ^
    I*m more curious if this is a solid hard case or just paper/cardboard material.... But yes, that size isen't very useful anyways. :sad:
  15. i think they meant hard-bound book with a cardboard sleeve. which is a bit too overpriced at $375. they've collaborated with Hermes at least a couple of times already. issue #32 which is a tan leather case for the portfolio. the one before to that is #26 which comes with a silk mask. i believe #52 is their third collaboration with LV.