'Tis the season for red

  1. It's been a little quiet on this board lately. So I thought I'd share my latest BV buy. I have been hankering something in Carmino ever since the start of the season. I considered (and kinda still considering) it in the med Veneta since I love how the red really complements that style and the bag just pops. But for now, I have this to satiate my desire for Carmino.

    So, thanks to a sweet Carmino fairy (I'll leave it to her to reveal herself if she wants to ;)) who found this for me, I present my new ballerina flats.
    Carmino flats.jpg
  2. IMO, this is the perfect red ever. I also love how the contrast stitchings on the shoes provided just the right amount of details on the intrecciato and thus making the flats appear prettier. :love: :lol:

    Here are more pics. :p
    Carmino flats1.jpg Carmino flats2.jpg Carmino flats3.jpg Carmino flats4.jpg
  3. Congratulations ms piggy. looks like we will be shoe twins when mine arrive next week!!!

    they are gorgeous!
  4. Yay! Congrats catabie. Did you get them on sale? Alas I bought mine full price.
  5. yeah, i did get mine on sale for half off. is there anyway you can return them?
  6. btw, they look so nice on your feet! i didnt try mine on so hopefully they will fit. how does the size run for you?
  7. So pretty!!

    Congrats on your Carmino ballet flats, ms piggy! Can't wait to see yours when yours arrive next week, catabie :yes:
  8. I love those! I'm thinking you are actually triplets (can't forget Megs)!
  9. Thanks C. I took 37.5 which is half size smaller than my coin purse flats from last season. I think this round the flats are more generously cut. If you're unsure, stick to your normal size, no need to size up.
  10. Thank you Nymph, doubtfulguest. Yes, you're right, Megs' certainly inspired me!
  11. Lovely shoes! I'm (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of my carmino Montaigne from BlueFly and can't wait to see the colour IRL - you all have such wonderful things to say about it!
  12. [​IMG]

    its absolutely gorgeous !
  13. BookerMoose - the red is just the right shade, not so much blue-ish undertones nor too bright. You'd love it.

    kaka - :flowers:
  14. Perfect! BV in chicago said the loafers and flats weren't on sale, so these must be from one of the stores or online sites. I love them!
  15. Congrats Ms. Piggy!!! :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo: They look amazing on you. :love: You must get the carmino med veneta to complete your outfit. Catabie, you and I will be triplets!

    Boxermom they are currently on sale at the boutiques in carmino, blond and corallo so hurry and head to the boutique! :yes: