Tis the Season: A Very Bal Christmas [[pics inside]]

  1. Tis the season to share my bal accessories!
    In November, I purchased a pine make up:love:, and I've been waiting patiently to share photos with you for two reasons:

    1. As those of you with pine bags know, taking accurate pics of this color is almost impossible! (The color is most accurate in the outside pic.) Please note that this bag does not have the teal zipper tape--I wonder why some do and some don't...
    2. I have rouille coin purse and paired with the pine, the pics are too cute for Christmas!:girlsigh:

    For those of you who don't own make ups, I'm also sharing a "what's in my make up" picture to show you just how big this bag is and what it can carry. It's a great clutch or cosmetic bag!:heart::heart:

    Happy holidays friends, and please share with us your holiday combos or bag charms!
    CIMG1513.JPG CIMG1584.JPG CIMG1589.JPG
  2. AAACKKK! I meant to post this in the Balenciaga Sub Forum ... Mods?? Can you move?? Thanks!
  3. I will move it :yes:
  4. Gorgeous, Ahertz!

    I love Balenciaga accessories in Christmas colors :heart:

    Here's my Rouge Vif Red Money and Vert Gazon Green Real Coin (no longer own that little guy) & Vert Gazon Green Mini Compagnon wallets. Here in Santa Fe I can't help but think of them as chili options...red, green or xmas!

  5. Happy holidays to you too, Abbi! :drinkup:

    How cute are your red and green babies? You're making me miss my Vert Gazon shoulder...
  6. I'm totally there with you Corey! I grew up just outside of Albuquerque (in Corrales), and we always decorated for the season with chilis and ristras! My parents are coming here this year and they're packing up the Ortegas to make pasole because you just can't buy good chili here!
  7. ahertz! lovely new goodies! I :heart: the green and red! thanks for sharing! You're pine MU is TDF...you really got a beauty! Congrats and thanks for sharing! :smile:
  8. Love your accessories ahertz & RealDealCollection! The colors definitely put you in the mood for the holidays!
  9. ohhhhh I like them Abbi!!! SO festive :smile:
  10. Your pine makeup clutch pictures are so accurate! I love how much you can fit in there!! Merry Christmas to you!
  11. Excellent, Abbi! Enjoy the real, good chili ;o) I love chili and the ristras are so beautiful...especially when they are like 5 feet long!

    Aw, thanks "M"...I miss it too...there are just not enough days to carry all the fabulous bags.
  12. Very cute!
  13. Thanks for sharing ABBI~! Love the colors... ;)
  14. Adorable.:p
  15. Happy Holidays!!! Thanks for sharing your red & green beauties! Wow, I really love the pine with the matching zipper tape - I guess you lucked out!