TIRED ugly eye circles (benefit?)

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  1. I have the undereye circles, and tired eyes...
    Benefit has all these diffrent products to supposedly help


    Has any one tried any of these? Which one do I pick--- or is there something better i should be using?
    Right now I use Lancome Flash retouch and you can see my undereye circles right though it... yuck! :yucky:
  2. Ive never tried their products myself (yet!)
    But every beauty magazine/website i come by, they rave on about how fantastic 'Ohh La-Lift' is for brightening the eye area, getting rid of bags and firming the skin!
    Im dying to try it! :drool:
  3. i realllllly like eye bright
  4. I use Boi-Ing for an undereye concealer. I really like it.
  5. I've tried them all but nothing got rid of my dark circles... sorry girls save your money and use cold tea bags... its the only thing that helped me!
  6. Nothing will really get rid of dark-eye circles. A number of factors cause it so it really depends. You can used tea-bags to de-puff your eyes like Sophie-Rose said.

    If you want to change the color of the circles and make them less obvious first prep with a good eye cream (I use La Mer and it's amazing), smooth on make up base, next use a color corrector that has a yellow tinge right on top of the darkest spot (usually the bottom half of the 'ring')to fight the blue-ness in dark eye circles. Then if you wear foundation, smooth a little on top. After applying foundation, use a brush to dot a few dots of cream concealer (I like to use Cle de Peau) again, on the darkest spots of the circle. Use your ring finger to pat in and smooth the concealer. Add more if necessary.

    Use a loose powder that is SLIGHTLY lighter than the normal loose powder you use on your face (about 1 shade) and use a big fluffy eyeshadow brush to set the concealer. This way you won't put TOO MUCH powder on and end up with lines or cakey concealer. Halfway through the day, check to see if it's all still in place. It should be! You might need to use your ring finger to lightly pat the area again to smooth out any concealer that might've creased around the eyes.

    Hope that helps!
    When you're done with the concealer,
  7. agreed :smile:
  8. i have eye bright and it definitely reduces the appearance of my circles, but they are hereditary and ever-present in my fam.
  9. I used benefit eyecon for a while but now YSL touche eclat is what I use more. Put it over concealer for more coverage. It really brightens up your eyes.