Tired of waiting...

  1. I am #1 on the list for the blue-grey City from Bal NY, and I have been on the list for about two months now. The arrival date keeps changing...maybe two to three weeks, now they are saying another month. I am sick of waiting for this bag. I am even thinking of cancelling my order, because I am going to be "over" the bag before it even comes in! Is anyone else sick of the wait? :girlsigh:
  2. seriously! I can't even put my name in because I can't figure out how the color is IRL. But ET, don't take your name out! You can always return it, but if you cancel it'll be hard to get it later (somebody said the waitlist on blue-grey city is waaaay past the number of bags they'll get)
  3. I can return it, but not for a refund. I will have to find another color that I like, and the blue-grey is the only color I really like. I hate to have that much money tied up in a "store credit" when I am looking for a new job! It feels like we have waited forever for this bag, and I am starting to get bored with it when it hasn't even shown up yet! For all of the wait and agonizing over it, it better be beautiful!
  4. I know ET- it definitely must be frustrating!!! Hugs!
  5. ETenebris, all the pictures of the blue-grey have been great. i'm sure you will love it when you get it. just hang in there!
  6. ET, maybe you could ask your SA to take pics for you before sending it out? Therefore you'll be sure you would love the color when you get it...
  7. Oh I understand you ET ... it's really troublesome and annoying to wait .. and to wait ... and to wait ... OMG - I hate this too :rant: !! I know I'm not patient to wait such a long time ... I myself would buy another one :yes:
  8. hey ETenebris - yeah waiting totally bites... but if you hold out i'm totally sure you'll fall in love with the bag/colour all over again and you'll realise the ALL the waiting was worth it! hang in there - dont give up!
  9. Don't take your name off the list! I bet you'll love the bag when you get it and it will soooo totally be worth the wait! :yes: I bet the color is going to be amazing!:heart:
  10. Be patient and don't cancel your order. I think that is going to be the best color of the season! Hang in there!
  11. I know how you feel. I'm waiting on a rouge vif bag too.
  12. I just heard the one more month line as well. I guess it can't hurt but I am itching for that bag and the new caramel.
  13. I just put myself on the notification list for the blue-grey city with Aloha Rag. Jumpei responded that they would receive the bag in "late August."

    I would really rather get it from Neiman's if possible -does anyone know if Neiman's has ordered any of the Blue-grey?
  14. AHHH! I'm in the same boat as you! I don't know how much longer I can wait for my blue-grey classique. I'm contemplating if I should buy another bag to hold me off until then.. hehe.
  15. I think you should wait for it, maybe give it another month and see.
    It is a great colour and when you get it, you will forget about the wait :yes: