Tired of WAITING Gucci now has my business

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  1. I feel everyone's pain. I'm dying for my Tulum GM. :sad:
  2. Congrats to you! Guccissima is so gorgeous. :smile: I love both Gucci and LV, and have both. Gucci was also my first luxury bag.
  3. Ditto! esp re Tom Ford. He was the best designer for Gucci!
  4. ITA! :smile:
  5. I agree with the poster who said you have to go into the boutique--the last time I went to pick up my Galliera, there was one Tivoli GM a customer didn't pick up and I tried it on (I was debating on it, but I had just purchased my Sukey). You never know what will pop up at the store.

    As a side note, I liked the Tivoli but I really didn't like the rounded handles and how they felt on my shoulder. I'm glad I got to try it on IRL!
  6. I too like this Fendi bag but when I saw it in person it just looked too small so I didn't get it....I'm 5'4"
  7. Did I miss your Gucci reveal?
  8. Yes Givenchy is making some really stunning bags and I wish they had a spot here...anyone know how to go about getting a Givenchy page started?

    And I DID get the Nightingale bag...LV is really helping me branch out 
  9. No I decided it would be in poor taste to post it on the LV page...I don't want to offend my LV friends  But I will post it on the Gucci thread

  10. Now I'm really curious of which style you purchased! Please do a reveal on the Gucci threat please!
  11. It's the Guccissima Web Hobo in a Dark Cocoa 
  12. If I'm correct, the bag is at a great price point too! Don't you just love the smell of guccissima leather? It's so addictive!
  13. You're so right, the price is very reasonable for Guccissima leather and it's not GIGANTIC like so many designer bags!
  14. Congrats on the Gucci, OP!! It's a gorgeous bag :smile:

    During the year I'm strictly a LV and Chanel girl, but I do buy the other yummy designer labels in the holidays because they have the best sales and I find beautiful pieces. I love love love some of the other luxury designers like YSL, Bottega Veneta, Prada and Gucci, but I can't purchase them full price because I know it will go on sale or I'll find it on Bluefly a week later. That being said, this "shortage" couldn't have been at a better time for me. It has only reminded me of how blissful my holiday shopping was last year with the other designers and I'm really looking forward to this season! LV can wait for me, it's not the other way around.