Tired of WAITING Gucci now has my business

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  1. I agree with many of the posts in this thread. I don't mind waiting or waitlisting for LE "hard to get" pieces. When someone has to waitlist for a mono speedy or NF - that is insane.

    I suppose that I could call around and hunt for a new bag, which is probably what the LV higher ups are trying to get us to do. At least in part by having this "shortage." What a stupid idea. I am not that desparate to buy LV. I really don't think any of us are.

    I will spend my time enjoying what LV I already own and (dare I say) maybe stray into Chanel or Balenciaga yet again.
  2. Well if it's a ploy I don't think its working :graucho:
  3. I agreed! I don't believe there's a shortage in this economy! I have store credit for almost $2000 and thinking of getting something from the empreinte line but now I'm not really sure. I want to spend my money on Gucci.
  4. I've still looked at Gucci from time to time and have been looking at the Sukey. But then I just bought the Idylle Speedy 30 last weekend (one of those LV bag shortage "finds"), and so now I can't get the Sukey, at least for a while.
  5. The funny thing is that if anyone is actually addicted or feels compelled to purchase LV, then LV is in effect forcing them to go cold turkey. LV is cutting off the supply to the dedicated collectors and forcing its own form of ban.

    I wonder how many of us will feel the same level of drive to buy a new LV bag (compared to pre-shortage) once this "shortage" is officially over.
  6. aw man! my grandma is visiting from istanbul right now (in CA) i should have made her get me a bag, but i think she would freak out at the price! haha:P
  7. 4purse next thing you know we will be seeing you take american muscle through the SCCA course! ;) congrats on the G move!!!!!!! I have been checking out the site and want the horsebit bracelet...did you see them??...I myself miss leather too...
  8. My friend and I were due to go to Westfield in London today to get her a Speedy 30 in Damier Azur. When we rang LV they said they didn't have any at Westfield, only one at Harrods and one at the Royal Exchange store and couldn't guarantee they would still be available today. I rang my darling husband who works around the corner from RE and he went in and got it for her at lunchtime. The lady at LV had told me it could be 2-4 weeks before they get any more in the warehouse let alone the stores!

    I adore LV but I also love Gucci too and due to this shortage I have decided to go with Gucci for my birthday present next month and get the Boston in Black Guccissima instead of the LV Speedy 30 in Black Epi.

    The whole shortage thing smacks of incompetence to me and LV deserve to lose custom as a result!
  9. I looked at Prada and Gucci a few weekends ago, but I can't seem to make the switch. Looks like LV will be my brand for MANY years. lol
  10. So OP do we get to see your new Gucci!!!!
  11. I just don't love Guccis (except for the one that looks like a lightly printed Damier Azur Speedy with flowers on it).

    DH just said I can have a Damier Ebene Speedy 25 for our anniversary and I'm so sad that I'll have to wait months to get it! But I've wanted one for a year and a half so I'm not going to jump on whatever else is close now!
  12. i agree, it's all a marketing ploy in my eyes....which I find sad...
  13. When you call LV and they say "out of stock" call up the actual store on your own. I have found MANY times that they for some reason don't have updated info and I can often find the bag on my own. Also try different stores...like Neiman Marcus & Bloomingdales. Congrats on the Gucci though...very nice bags! =)
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    I effectively got 'banned' last week after I had placed a third LV.com order (within a 10-day period). They cancelled that order and I received an email instructing me to call for further details~LV Cust. Svc. said that due to the high volume of items I had recently purchased (volume as in quantity, not total dollar amount spent~ as everything I had ordered last week was either a SGL or a bracelet) AND due to their current shortage, they said that to 'protect their brand' they had the right to refuse to sell me anything else 'for the time being' and that I had reached my yearly purchase limit. (I was only doing this in anticipation of the US price increase, which didn't end up happening).
    I had ordered 3 ZCPs, 1 inclusion bracelet, a mini agenda cover and a bus. card holder (in two sep. orders). In my 3 'attempted'/cancelled order, I tried to order two bandeaus and an Idylle coin/key purse.

    I think it was the 3 ZCPs that might have set off flags for LV to notice my purchases.....(in my defense, I have only bought one purse this year, everything else was either a SLG or an inclusion bracelet- 19 items in total, so I don't think that's too outrageous; I am new to the brand and am just starting to build up my collection....not an excuse or anything, just saying!)

    I think I am an addict because ever since they cut me off, I'm going bananas....think I might need to go to purse rehab, STAT!

    Now back OT- This is a good thread!!! I'm enjoying reading everyone's points of view on this issue....
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    I really love LV but I've been getting bored or "antsy"- Idk, but I caught the Gucci bug in April and debated all summer until I finally got the fabric Sukey with Ivory trim. I want one in Guccissima leather next. I also really like the fact that there's outlets and you can call up and order something!! Leather wallets for less than $200. They have a clearance. I'm not too fond of the full retail idea anymore. And the charms and keychains are pretty too.