Tired of WAITING Gucci now has my business

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  1. I agree! Besides my Guccissima Hobo I was drooling over the MANY new styles and colors. Too bad for LV while they are stalling other brands are introducing fresh new beautiful styles ;)
  2. Vuitton needs to read these threads! They need to know how their most loyal shoppers/collectors feel! They could stand to learn from TPF...(even though I still love LV bags.)
  3. Looking at balenciaga BV and chanel...this lack of stock might be the shove i need to get smthing from some other designer label :P

    i think their plan is backfiring lol
  4. This shortage has made me realise that I've been concentrating too much on ACQUIRING bags rather than actually enjoying them. Why am I getting affected by this shortage when I have other bags that I haven't even enjoyed to its fullest?
  5. I soooo agree with you :okay:
  6. Aww, thats sucks, but hey Gucci is def not a bad purchase so congrats ;)

  7. Great point!
  8. I was also thinking of buying a Gucci scarf instead of LV...but not because of the shortage.
  9. My birthday is in a few weeks and I had assumed that I would get LV from my husband. I am not going to put him through this - he could care less about bags so I am not going to make him stalk the stores in the area. Looks like I am going to "have" to give Chanel a try. Silly LV - I could have gotten 5 bags for what I will end up getting. If this is a marketing ploy, it was short-sited.
  10. Yea i Love louis vuitton but this shortage/out of stock issue is to much! I too have found myself look at gucci/hermes. I really hope Vuitton can figure it out!
  11. I recently bought a gucci sukey to satiate my palette for the lv neverful and galleria azur... now I want the chloe marcie and a balenciaga!
  12. I'm really glad there's no shortage (that I'm aware of) where I live. (istanbul) :smile: and it's a little cheaper.. :smile:

  13. WOW lucky you!! As you can see here in the States we are all STARVED for LV and have no clear date of when this problem will clear up :graucho:
  14. Lucky you!! We even have shortage where I came from (Bangkok, Thailand). It is so amazing that even with the price so high there, there is a shortage!! :nuts:
  15. This is too funny. I have been looking at Gucci. To be honest Gucci was my FIRST luxury bag a long time ago. I have been looking at my old friend again because I am so sick of Louis Vuitton. I finally succumb to the fact that I was going to just buy new (instead of ebay)and now they don't have anything. Oh well maybe Gucci could use my money. OBVIOUSLY, Louis doesn't want it. Or maybe it's a ploy to get more of it later.:hs: