Tired of WAITING Gucci now has my business

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  1. People get banned? How? Why?
  2. I tried calling LVs that are in the middle of nowhere and they were out of stock.
  3. I'm so going to Prada or Gucci if they raise the prices before they get new stock.
  4. I got tired of waiting to and have recently fallen for Balenciaga!
  5. I am looking at Gucci, Chloe, and Chanel also! This is crazy.
  6. Me and you together will be going back to Gucci 4 purse!!! That's what I am talking about...this is shenanigans!!!!
  7. Shoot LV is making everybody fall for something else! Waiting...pshhh..who does that??? We need our stuff NOW!!!!
  8. I'm also at the end of my rope with this out of stock rubbish. The stupidity of the whole situation makes me wonder if LV management are in their right mind. I'm now falling for the Stella McCartney Falabella chain bag.
  9. I totally agree!
  10. Who knows it may be one of LVs marketing ploys. Maybe they are trying to shake off the customers that aren't "die hard LVers" in order to establish some sore of supreme loyalty among those remaining and then hike prices? I can't figure this out at all.
  11. Lol, I love my Guccissima too!!! I've had it for over a year and haven't had any problems with it! Can't wait to see some pics!
  12. When even all of the men's Porte-Documents Voyage (all except Damier Ebene) are out of stock, you know there is a SERIOUS shortage.

    And when was the last price increase for LV? I have been distracted by Prada for the last 5-6 months and went back to the LV website and I swear some things had higher prices...
  13. Part of the low stock does influence buying - I was looking at a Chanel LE wallet on the weekend and was told there were only 3 in the country, 1 on my coast, so yeah, I bought it. My sister bought one of the 2 Bloomsburys they had in stock a month ago. It seems silly to be so low, especially if people want to make purchases in the current economy! Of course, on my budget I mainly look for pre-loved and so don't know the full extent of the shortage.
  14. Congrats on your new Gucci.

    I was just thinking the same thing today!! If LV doesn't release the Empreinte line soon I'm going to head over to Gucci to get something from the new Cruise collection. It's looking pretty good.
  15. For me.. I'm kinda in a "love/hate" relationship with this LV shortage thingy.

    Well, I hate it because there are stuffs that I want, save up for it already (which took me a long time) and still can't buy it because of the shortage thing. I been looking everywhere for the Azur & Mono Neverfulls and they ALL seem to be sold out. I feel like I'm begging them for some free bags, despite the fact that we are all giving them money! It's like hey.. we are all here at your store, willing to spend $1,000+ for your bags and you're acting like we're begging you for some free things? This is not how I wanna be treated when I'm spending my money on anything.

    However, because of this LV shortage thing. I starting to appreciate my current collection more. I hardly looks at other brands rather than LVs, therefore I don't think I'm going to move on to other brands. I start to feel inlove with all of my bags, even with some that I fell out of love with a long time ago. So.. I guess, no new LVs for me from now :P

    Thanks for helping me save a lot of money, Louis Vuitton !!