Tired of WAITING Gucci now has my business

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  1. Out of stock, Out of stock, Out of stock...what the hey??? After several months of this nonsense I'm going back to Gucci. I picked up a lovely Guccissima Hobo today -Yummmmm love the smell of leather.

    Come on Louis...get some bags in stock will 'ya :P
  2. Congrats on your new Gucci! I totally hear ya, it is getting very frustrating! I have found myself looking to other designers also and for me that is a big deal! I have always been a hard core LV girl.
  3. I know this is the LV forum but I would love to see what lovely Gucci you picked up today;)
  4. ^^ me 2! I am sure everyone would love to see it :graucho: Mod pics please :biggrin:
  5. Is it the Gucci Sukey? I was having the hardest time waiting for the Neverful while the gorgeous sukey tempted me. Luckily, the NF became available for just a bit and I didn't have to give in to mistress Gucci :P But I know I'm gonna have to cheat on Louis if my Eva doesn't become available in the next month!
  6. I feel like moving on too. I have had it with the bs. I spend too much money to get yanked around.
  7. Ditto! Let's see your new Gucci!
  8. I'm so glad someone is making a thread on this. I love Gucci guccissima. The smell of it is just tdf. Gucci also is getting my business.
  9. I know what you mean it makes me mad every time i go to the website " out of stock" and when i go in person the bag i want is never there

    I think for right now im going to branch out to other designers

    ysl, gucci,prada,valentino,chanel

    But im hoping:cry: that LV starts stocking
  10. I feel the same way! But I am going to hold out a bit longer. I was told by the manager they will be stocked up before Christmas, then may dip again due to the holiday but all should be back to normal by Feb 2011. They did not forecast 2010 properly hence the low stock. I have heard this from three managers of vuittons now.

    Would love to see your Gucci...my second fave designer! But I do miss Mr. Ford!!
  11. That is funny because i am planning to do the same
  12. I totally identify with this thread. I like my 2 bags that I have...but I am done with LV and their ridiculous attitude. I have no desire to shop there anymore.

    They don't rule the world and there are many other nice bags out there that are IN STOCK, where you don't get banned and don't get snobby service. Rant over :pout:
  13. I keep hearing stories of when bags will be re stocked too. I even called LV.com and they said a week or two....ha! that was over a month ago.

    I love my LV but the smell and feel of the Guccissima just makes me melt :love: I will post some pics tomorrow.

    Thanks ladies!
  14. ^I completely understand how you feel!! I am actually browsing at Fendi and Chloe bags at the moment and may get a Fendi one instead of the ones on my wishlist. This shortage has actually revived my love for the other brands I use to covet instead of LV. The Fendi Classico No. 1 Zucca Satchel is TDF! and TBH, LV isn't the only one with superior quality. I've had a Fendi hobo for almost 8 years, used her everyday for 2 and still looks brand spanking new. Yeah why the heck am I TOO loyal to LV when even their customer service sucks?!

  15. I feel the same way!