Tired of using colored contacts?

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  1. i don't think it looks milky at all but i would never do this to myself. i am so afraid of having any kind of surgical procedures on my eyes. i even passed up laser surgery because i just think i'm going to go blind or something
  2. It's a neat idea, but the implants look so fake! Maybe in a few years it will look more realistic
  3. OMG is this real?! I can see why lasik is worth the risk involved for most people, but why risk going blind to change your eye color?! That is sooooo vain! Sorry, it just seems nuts to me!
  4. weird. I could see how some people, like albinos would want this and take the risk. But, I dont think its the same as changing your haircolor. Or is it?
  5. I'd be scared to! Just like meela188, I haven't had the guts to correct my miopia with lasik.
  6. Woah, those don't even look good. There's no way I'm putting my eye under the knife for that. Thanks for sharing, it's really interesting!