Tired of people with buyer's remorse threatening to file claims!!


Sep 7, 2007
After purchasing a pair of jeans from me with BIN, she emailed me saying that she owns "a million pair of size 26 kasil jeans that fit her" and these don't. She asked to exchange the jeans; I told her I had nothing to exchange them with and all sales are final. All measurements were in the listing.

Now, she sees that I have another listing for a pair of kasil jeans size 27 and she wants those!! If the 26's are too big for her, what does she think the 27's are going to be like?

She threatened to file a chargeback with cc company and I said go right ahead. Now she filed a dispute and I immediately escalated it to a claim. I do not want any communication with this woman. If she had been appropriate that would be different; but I do not take kindly to being threatened. So now it's in Paypals hands but I do not have much faith in them either.

moi et mes sacs

Science Geek!
Sep 22, 2007
yes people are getting used to this messing about. I dont think she has a chance. You dont need to communicate with her anymore. She can hardly claim they dont fit. How ridiculous!


Because I said so
May 7, 2006
Did you send the emails to paypal? If not please do. So they're really toooooo small for her and she's not willing to be a lady about it? She bites!