Tired of NM & BG hiding the good stuff and bloomies suck @$$ website

  1. My answer: Zappos!

    FREE overnight shipping- no waiting for "UPS Ground"
    Real, live telephone help -no robot machines
    Huge selection- No having to look anwhere else
    10% Luckyrewards cashback-Why would you go anywhere else?

    Awesome! Just bought two MBMJ handbags from this site with 10% off. Sure if I stalked NM, BG, and Nordies for a few months, I would have found the bags (mbmj teri) on sale BUT unlike Zappos, those sites charge a GRIP for shipping, and tax as well and IF in the event I did find the bags for sale...the difference from what I paid at Zappos would have been minimal...its great going through zappos with a nice, clean transaction AND a 365 day return policy!?

    Hah. This place is the bomb.

    After dealing with Bloomies suck-@$$ service and lame invenotry issues on their website, and NM and BG hiding all the good stuff so you have to google it to find it, Im ready for a breath of fresh air in the form of Zappos!
  2. Yes, I agree....if only Zappos had more designer brands! Love MBMJ though, congrats on your new bags! :smile:
  3. Thanks for sharing this good news!
  4. Zappo's needs more designers.
  5. I only complaint I have about Zappos is that they're often more expensive than other stores, probably to offset their free shipping and returns. Their sales aren't all that great, either.

    But it's an excellent place to get hard-to-find items and I love how you can search for things by feature. And the free returns means you can order a bunch of things you're trying to decide between, try them all on, then return the ones you don't want hassle-free!
  6. I love Zappos. You can search by size, color, heel height, shoe style, brand, or multiples of these. The free shipping and free returns make it very convenient. And when it comes to shoes, Zappos often carries sizes and widths you can't find elsewhere.