tired of my torture device eye lash curler..

  1. whats on the market these days? I can't get the curl I want from a typical eye lash curler, but are there other tools/methods?
  2. A girl i used to know actually used the back of a spoon to curl her eyelashes (the roundness) and she swore by it! Her eyelashes always seemed to be curled so i guess it worked!
  3. some mascaras have curved wands that are supposed to curl lashes.
  4. I've seen some girls curling their lashes with a spoon but I've never figured out how that works. I just bought a wonderful lash curler from Shiseido that doesn't tug or damage my lashes (at least not yet). Only advice I can give you is to curl them carefully; I find that being in a rush pinches your lid.
  5. maybe i should check out sheisedo thanks!
    anything else besides spoons and mechanical eye lash curlers?
  6. i use shisedo too. i used to use shu uemura like alot of my friends, but never figued out why it didn't work as well for me --- turns out the curve of the shu uemura was too small for my eyes!!! the shisedo is better shaped for my eyes. eye curlers, like mascara, is individual, so its always good to shop around. have you heard of that new lancome mascara, Courbe Virtuôse? supposedly it really helps with curling. i have yet to see it in real life, but the reviews on it sound good! here's the link: http://www.lancome-usa.com/makeup/mascara/courbe-virtuose.htm
  7. the shu uemura eyelash curler is famous but the shiseido one actually works better ^_^

    a product that i swear by is the shiseido mascara base- it keeps your eyelashes curly all day long~!! also, if you use it under junky cheapo mascara it still makes your lashes beautiful and curly!! also, with the shiseido mascara base, i can cry or tear and my eyes still look clean~!
  8. The Anna Sui eyelash curler really works for me :yes: Plus I like how pretty it looks! :p
  9. have an eyelash perm!!
  10. Yeah I'd try the perm thing, but be sure to go somewhere you trust- wouldn't want just anyone putting perm solution near your eyes!

    Seriously though, the few people I know who have it done look amazing...


  12. Most definitely curling the lashes before mascara makes a huge difference, at least for me. I have long lashes and when I curl them, my eyes just pop. I've used the Shu one and Kevyn Aucoin and I like both.
  13. I heard that Kevyn Aucoin's eyelash curler is actually the one that Shu Uemura's is modelled after. That one might be good. There are also heated eyelash curlers or what I do is run hot water over the eyelash curler in a pinch.
  14. Def get an eyelash perm...pretty lashes from morn to night, without needing to curl them!
  15. you bet it does, if i could only choose to do one thing in the morning, it would be to curl my eyelashes. totally makes your eyes look bigger.