Tired of giving personal info just to buy something

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  1. Total rant time...I am so tired (and irritatted) with having to give personal infor just to buy something! Every place I go to asks for a zip code, phone numer, or address at the register. Enough already! If I wanted to be on a mailing list, I would take the initiative to do it myself! I almost always give a fake phone number just to get it over with, but I was almost driven over the edge on Saturday.

    I went to return a skirt on Saturday morning. Nothing wrong with it, I just changed my mind. The SA starts the return and asks for my phone number. I told her that I didn't want to be in their system. She made a face and said that she has to have my info for the return. I again told her that I didn't want to give it. She said that she could not process the return without it. So, I just said a random number. She roller her eyes at me and said that she needs my real phone number. I was getting ticked off, so I just gave her my work number. She put it in and asked for my name and address. At that point, I completely refused. I don't know who is standing around and listening for my info. She cleared the register, put the skirt down, and walked off. I was fuming! A manager came to the register and finished the return without even speaking to me!

    :rant:WTH? I am now more determined than ever to not give my info. I don't want to be on any mailing lists and I don't care about a store's marketing research.
  2. I totally agree with you. I always refuse to give out my email or phone number when they ask if I want to be on their mailing list.

    For returns, it seems to be a requirement. I just give them my work number, or my cell. Never my home number. What do they do with it anyway?
  3. Wow that would have ticked me off to no end. Where was this?
  4. It is never necessary for a purchase, but corporate often insists on the information for returns to make sure that employees aren't trying to play the system with false returns. Periodically, most companies will call random return numbers to make sure they are legitimate and the managers can get in trouble if they regularly have information that is false.
  5. Most stores ask for ID these days, especially if CC return or store credit is involved.
    Guess what-I wanted to return baby wipes yesterday to Walgreens, did not have the receipt, wipes are $3.29 and manager was asking me when did I purchase them and then she went off mumbling that she needed to check the purchase in the system. Huh?????????
    Baby wipes
    we are not talking about sofisticated type of equipment here
    plus I did not tell her I purchased it at a different Walgreens, few blocks away, so she comes back and says she does not have records in her computer. I said why would she, I never said I purchased them at her store, nor did she ask me what store. I was laughing silently-how stupid, baby wipes, as if anyone can make money on stealing baby wipes and returning them back to the store?
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    plumaplomb, it was at JC Penney.

    The SA made a comment about using the info to prove that the return wasn't false, but it still ticks me off. And I will continue to refuse to give my info. If a company is that worried about fraud, they should come up with a different prevention method. Irritating customers it just not the way to go about it.
  7. I know I hate this. Just return the darn thing.
  8. Thank You!!!

    At purchase, it is unnecessary. I have started giving them fake zipcodes, that are real, but not mine.

    I hate being asked this. It is an invasion of privacy.
  9. I work retail part time and I hate DOING it! I completely understand your frustration and while the girl originally handling your return had no right to be so rude, please understand that we don't make the rules and that we HAVE to ask to keep our jobs.

    I agree that it is an invasion of privacy and stinks, but I have to do it also. When I get the occasional mad person I just make stuff up and hope I don't get caught! I even get irritated myself when asked in other stores.
  10. +1 I certainly dont make up the rules at my store but have to comply with them. I do agree with what she did was wrong, she had no right to get rude or hissy..the situation on her behalf could of been handle better if she politely asked you if you wanted to speak to manager.
  11. If they ask for your zip before ringing you up, they're asking because they're trying to figure out if/where they should open more stores or where to send ads or whatever. They just want to see where their shoppers live. Think about it... if you give them your zipcode then pay with cash, the purchase cannot be traced to you. You're not really giving them any person info... If they ask for the zip after your credit card is swiped, it's to verify your ID, for your own protection.

    When they ask for my address, email address or phone number I just politely say no. I don't think it's that big a deal :shrugs:
  12. I also used to work in retail, but it was before they started asking for info. I do realize that it is policy; however, if a person declines to give the info, that should be the end of it. I don't fault the SA (unless, like in this situation, she gets an attitude). Corporate and management should realize that the majority of people don't want to give their info.

    When I shop, I want to be able to walk to a register, give them my money, get my merchandise, and go.
  13. Sometimes I give them the real area code and the last 4 digits of my phone number, but replace the middle three with '555'.

    555-numbers are used in television and movies a lot, because they do not exist.
  14. I know how annoying this is. I had to sign up for website just to look at the items.
  15. I don't mind giving a zip code but I think it was Babies R Us that asks for your phone and I don't give it. It turns out they were mailing coupons to you. But I agree. I hate all the stuff that you are required to give to buy something. I have often seen Mom and Pop stores asking for an address to buy something and I KNOW this is for marketing. Depending on my mood, I give it or I don't. I can't say no to the sweet 90 something year old lady at the antique store but I can say no to the GAP.