Tired of experimenting and wasting money

  1. Yes, I experience this also.

    I am often very happy with certain products, but sometimes they still aren't HG material. I use it, but still want to find a "better" one.

    One thing i recently discovered, from this forum actually, is Chanel Lipsticks.(RC and RA) I am very happy with them, and they do not disappoint. I also adore Dior eyeshadows.
  2. I agree with you!
    I have hassles when trying to return to Shoppers, and the Chanel counter near me never has samples. They tell me that "Chanel as a company don't do samples'....really???
  3. ^ That's a lie. I've gotten fragrance, hand cream & skincare samples from them.

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  4. I find that I spend a lot of time researching products. But someone's HG may be my most horrible product over. I'm a student on a limited budget. I can barely afford "drugstore" makeup much less get all I need from an expensive makeup counter.

    My solution is to find people you know, borrow a bit of their moisturizer, foundation or conditioner and see how it works for you. My family and friends are more than willing to share and this has led me to a whole lot of hits and far less misses.

    Hope this helps.
  5. I see makeup as being kind of like cooking.

    In cooking, if you go to the pro-level, they're going to have a million and one different spices/flavorings to add depth to the dish. Similarly, in makeup, you'll have a bunch of stuff like primers, different sized brushes, etc that add "depth" to your makeup. But the basics are what make the BIG difference.

    Everything else is just minor stuff that only people w/ a sharp eye are going to notice.
  6. true, and i feel makeup is like an art form, you have to have a good eye and steady hand and i have neither! :lol: When you think about it, it takes alot of skill. I am terrible at drawing, sketching, even handwriting so you can imagine my frustration when i try to experiment with makeup!
  7. I don't think this should be an issue. A product may work well for one person and not for another. It's up to you to test the product and choose shops with a good return policy or offer testers at least. Look up swatches online and be sure before you buy. If they don't let you test it or return it, then look elsewhere. I love what I buy bc I research and test it for a while first. 90% of the time I like the product.
  8. I can relate, im alwayd second guessing myself after purchasing products ...thats why i like counters that give out samples bc you have it first hand and can try it before buying the product
  9. luckily i am usually pretty satisfied with items that i purchase....

    but i HATE when i'm not! i waited weeks to get the nars orgasm illuminator and when i finally got it i hated it. i was so angry.
  10. I like to try new things but overall I say when you find something that works for you. Stick with it ! It's ok to use a product repeatedly that's what makes a classic.

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  11. Have you given drugstore brands a chance? I personally think dept store/high end brands ARE a waste of money. Unless you want it as a status symbol.

    I've had a lot of really good luck with the makeup/skin care items I choose for myself.
  12. Hi yes I have tried some drugstore products like mascara and some lipsticks, the mascaras are usually pretty good but the lipsticks last longer with higher end IMO. Its just skin care products I cannot seem to find HG material & keep wasting money on
  13. I really think its a Canadian thing... I never have any problems even returning drugstore items let alone high end things in the States. Whoever told you that should be fired, I was able to get the Sample from The Bay but the lady did take my name and number for a followup (which she never did).
  14. Oh man, I have to agree with you there. I buy a different product every time I'm up for some new face wash.

    I used to purchase dept store skin products but nothing ever impressed me so I moved to drugstore products. Haven't found anything outstanding so far.

    I do have an interesting products for breakouts though. It's seriously a face wash that has been on the market since I was 13-14 (I'm 27 now) and it's Clean & Clear's continuous control acne cleanser. I feel odd even mentioning it as it's such a "teen" go-to, but it's seriously the best when your skin gets hormonal and flips out on you. :smile:

    Good luck in your quest! :smile:
  15. I really try to read lots of reviews, look at swatches and make sure that it I buy it and its horrible I can return it.