Tired of big clunky strollers!LOL!

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  1. So I broke down today and went to BUY BUY BABY...god..i cant EVER get out of that store without spending at least 500.oo!!LMAO!
    I buy every bath toy.....learning toy...baby book...i can get my hands on!!

    i ended up buying the McClaren Quest stroller in brown/blue combo for Hayden.Im SOOOOOO tired of the BIG one he has!!!it barely fits in my BMW and this one is easier to open too.!!!!
    anyone have one?what do u think of it??i really like how easy it is to open and close...and liteweight!..love to hear reviews of it!THANKS!
  2. I bought a McClaren and absolutely love it! It's much lighter than my Peg Perego P3, and less bulky. My husband has now hijacked it and kept it in his SUV.

    The only problem I have with the McClaren is that they keep coming up with all these new designs and newer fancier seat belt doohickies and I just keep buying them! I must have bought 3 new strollers since my last child, and that was 3 years ago! (yeah I know, he's 3 and still sits in a stroller, he's lazy AND heavy. It beats carrying him while I'm shopping and I can put my bags on the handle!)

    p.s. Jill, I've been meaning to PM you because I did a search on the Atlantis and I saw that you've been there. I'm going next month with all 4 of my kids and was wondering if I should even bother bringing a stroller and what clothes I should pack!
  3. I don't have a McClaren, I have Silver Cross strollers but when I had my first, I had received an Eddie Bauer travel system. OH LORD, was that thing huge and barely fit into our BMW trunk!!!! Not only that, but after a few months of using the travel system it started squeaking!!! How embarassing, no matter what we did by oiling up the wheels and trying to figure out what was wrong it kept squeaking. We then switched to Silver Cross!!
  4. Try lugging a double stroller. Horrid! It takes up all my back trunk in my SUV.
  5. My Maclaren Quest was recently stolen during a trip to WDW (from right outside the Spaceship Earth ride at Epcot - ARGH!!!) but it had been the only stroller I have used since my daughter turned 2 (she's 5 now). But I LOVED it and my DD loved it. I loved the size, loved the steering and manuverability, loved the portability (it's great for travel). I even was able to use the little pocket on the hood as a cupholder so I didn't miss the lack of cupholder too much. It is a little tippy if you have it loaded down with shopping bags hanging from the handles (the basket is too small to fit much in it) especially when your child hops out and then it tips over backwards - but that is my only complaint!

    Since I'm expecting again, I plan to replace it either with another Quest or maybe a Techno.
  6. OMG a person who would steal a stroller, what an a-hole ! I have a Maclaren triumph, love it. If I were to do it again I would get a Maclaren snap frame stroller for the carseat and use a higher end Maclaren like a techno for after the car seat.