Tired of being cold? Whine here!

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  1. Temps soared to a balmy 36F today. I was almost giddy with excitement. I did lots of errands today since roads have been dangerously icy for the last week.

    I'm SO tired of being cold.

    I'm tired of wearing silk leggings. I'm tired of dressing in 6" of layers. I'm tired of getting into a 25F car and waiting for it to become warm.

    Anyone else tired of being cold?

    This is your place to complain! Have at it, Ladies!
  2. OMG yes!!!! Gee it went up to a high of 12F...but there was a windchill so it was still in the negatives. I wore 2 scarves today LOL

    However, my Dad up in Canada emailed me and put it all in perspective...it was -55C there!
  3. I think we had a high of 7 here :crybaby:I am about 45 miles south of Chicago .... I absolutely DETEST this weather

    Oh yeah, Negative with the windchill :sad:
  4. YES! I'm sick of it! I'm in southern Maine and today started off warm... I think it almost reached 40. However, when I left work at 5:30 there was a nasty wind and it was freezing. I have the heat cranked (another thing I'm getting sick of is paying for oil!!) and I'm wrapped in a blanket and I'm still freezing!

    I'm sick of my driveway being an ice rink all the time! Last week I backed my car out of the garage so it could warm up before we left, and as I was getting out (I have an Xterra), I put one foot on the ground and it was so freaking icy I fell right on my ass! I ripped my arm open on the running boards on my car and my arm is still a lovely shade of black/blue purple and yellow!!!

    Spring can't come soon enough for me. Ahhh.thank you for staring this thread...that felt good!
  5. I'm tired of the cold, and the rain, and the gray skies.
  6. I'm not even in a cold place right now, but OMG I stepped outside with my basset hound and I think we both shivered until business was done >_<;;;
  7. I HATE WINTER IN CT. I think it's just really bad SAD(seasonal affective disorder).

    IMO, I think the only good thing about winter is that I have an excuse to not shave my legs. More hair=more warmth, right? :roflmfao:
  8. Yes, it's freezing up here! Hopefully it will warm up soon.
  9. I don't know what you people are talking about. We might be having a slight dip in temperature - but I am still ok sitting outside with a sweater.

    MOVE TO LOS ANGELES - It is so worth it!

    And the light! It makes such a difference.... I hadn't realized the extent to which I used to get depressed living in colder climates.
  10. It's not even cold here compared to where most of you live, but I hate the rain. We've been getting more rain than I remember we experienced last year. :sad:
  11. I don't mind rain as much as snow...a rainy day every now and then is good, I just stay in my jammies and relaxxxx :smile:. I hate when it rains for a long time though. 2 days is all I can take. I just hate cold! brr!
  12. Add me to the list. I can never believe Maryland is considered a southern state considering our temperatures are more like Canada (well, not really but still....)
  13. Northern Michigan sucks! This morning there was a 41 degree difference from the same time yesterday. Isn't that insane? Schools were closed because of the cold (and we got some more snow). It was in the negatives, with ridiculously cold wind chills.

    Is it spring yet?
  14. Yesterday it was disgusting here-- 35 degrees and pouring rain (not freezing rain, WET rain)... Snow is absolutely fine with me. Frigid cold temperatures are fine with me too. I just HATE cold rain :mad:

    Today was pretty warm, 40-45 maybe but it was craaaaazy windy. I have no idea what the weather's going to do tomorrow. I haven't checked....
  15. yes, tired of the cold...i'm sniffling from the onset of a cold....and had to put on these cute fuzzy socks to bed! Yet, I have to remember that I don't especially enjoy the scouring heat either. At least I enjoy the winter garb, scarves, wraps, coats, boots and all!