1. I'm going to buy a MJ Black Stam Hobo.... any tips as to where is the best palce to buy one with discounts?

    I know Bloomies has the treat2 code- but no black hobo stams online :sad:

    eLux has no tax- so thats savings:smile:

    Anything better?

  2. If you don't have a Saks card, you could get one and get 10 percent off at Saks. Also I think they have a 10 percent off code every month that you could use.
  3. thanks, good idea...unfortunately, already have one and used that quite some time ago.

    i'll keep my eye open for the 10% off code though!
  4. i think the bloomingdales in SF carries MJ stams, and they're having a charity thing today where if you buy a $10 shopping pass, you get 20% off purchases over $300.
  5. to hobo stams in my bloomies :sad: