Tips/Tricks to avoid pain from wearing your fav. High heels

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  1. Hey ladies.... We all love the way we look in them (High Heels)...But most of us are dying while wearing them, for more than an hour. I figured this would be an interesting topic.

    Those of you who do wear high heels for long hours. Please share any tips, or tricks that you may have. TIA
  2. sorry for the heading typo....
  3. I wish I had tips, 'will be watching this thread to learn from others! Really love to swan around in heels all day but the pain OMG! LOL! It is the balls of my feet that suffer the most, they burn even though I always have leather soles! I have tried Party Feet they don't work!
    I can do it in high heeled boots as my chiropodist made me great insoles that protect & cushion the ball of the foot but these cannot be worn in shoes :sad:
  4. I need tips too! I hate how sometimes yr feet swell up if uve been standing in heels all day...and then when u finally take the heels off and walk barefoot, it doesn't feel "right".
  5. i corrected the typo and am moving this to shoe forum for u!
  6. thanks Jill:hugs:
  7. I usually only wear flats/very low heels to school, but I used to work as a hostess and so I do own quite a few pairs of 3- to 4- inch heels.

    I used Foot Petals for the balls of my feet for a specific pair of shoes and they really reduced the amount of shock in the balls of my feet. They're kind of pricey because they're not like super technical but they worked for me. The adhesive can be a pain in the butt though.

    I am not sure what else I have...I find that I don't have any problems as long as I'm wearing nylons or those little socks...some how it reduces pain for me.
  8. thanks karman
    I know normally people recommend sizing up like 1/2 a size. But then that usually makes the back of my heels rub....Which is no good:nogood:
  9. :yes: Foot petals work great. I use them for most of my heels. Also, they have a wide range of products to choose from and they can be used on open toe shoes as well.
  10. Where do you buy Foot Petals? Balls of my feet are my trouble spots, esp. when the heels are very high. And are they visible if you wear sandals?
  11. I know this works for many people:

    You apply it in places where your shoe rubs. I've only used it with my peep toes and it didn't help a ton because I think it's the pressure that hurts. I do have a pair of synthetic leather flats that rubs the back of my feet and this stick really helped reduce the rubbing.

    Also consider adding gel cushions to the back of your shoe if rubbing is an issue. I have a pair of 4-inch red patent heels and added gel cushions to them...they feel great :tup:

    I am in Canada, so I don't know where you can buy them in the US. But if I can easily find these in Canada you should have no problem finding them in the US ;)

    They are applied to the inside of your shoe so they will not be visible if you wear sandals.
  13. Foot petals are great! I think target sells them (I've seen them online) but I bought mine at nordstrom. They aren't visible if you place them correctly.
  14. Karman, where do you buy your foot petals? I didn't even know we sold them here!!! :wtf: I keep buying mine on ebay.
  15. ^ The Bay sells them in the shoes section!! Look for them around the shoes section cashier! I'm in Calgary though so your store may be different but definitely ask an associate if you can't find them. And I think Naturalizer has something similar too (IIRC they were something extremely similar...shaped similar...just called something different!)!

    I think one pair cost around $4??