Tips to Help Buyers (ebay rules, paypal rules, etc.)

  1. I thought this might be a great sticky for this subforum. I thought I would post a bunch of misconceptions, etc. that people sometimes have regarding purchasing on ebay, filing claims with paypal, etc. Please feel free to add anything you can think of:

    1. A seller claims they do not accept returns at all. This is wrong! They cannot state this in their auctions. You have 2 ways to file a claim with paypal 1) You never received item and 2) Item significantly not as described. So, if you buy a fake or a damaged item (that they didn't list in their auction) or they failed to disclose something wrong with the item you fall under one of the two above categories. Do NOT let a seller bully you into thinking you are stuck with the bag. Now I must say...buyers remorse is not grounds for a refund.

    2. You HAVE to pay within 24 hours, 3 days, etc. This is also wrong (UNLESS seller has put an instant paypal payment thing in their auction...and you'll see this under the bid amount). As a buyer you have 7 days to pay for your item. The seller cannot file a complaint with ebay until the 8th day.

    3. You have to wait 7 days to file a complaint. This is also wrong. If you receive an item quickly and something is wrong, you can file a complaint with paypal right away. Just bypass ebay and go directly to the paypal website under dispute resolution and follow the steps.

    4. You return an item and are entitled to shipping fees. Wrong! This really sucks BUT paypal & ebay's policies state that you are entitled to receive only the price of the item excluding shipping. In addition, you are responsible for return shipping. NOW...some sellers are honest and nice and will refund it...but alot of them won't.

    5. Paypal won't give me money I guess I'm out of luck. wrong again! Immediately start a chargeback with your credit card company. Oftentimes sneaky sellers will clean out their paypal accounts and run...this means you won't get your money back through paypal...BUT CC companies are more aggressive and you will likely recoup some or all of your loss.

    Finally....some tips in handling returns

    1. Take pictures of item before returning. This is important! Take pictures of the original packaging, the item, the areas of damage, etc. Go one step further and take a picture at the PO of you placing item in box and handing to postal clerk. Basically cover your butt in every way possible!

    2. Spare no expense shipping back. I know you're out money...but don't risk being out even more. ALWAYS ship it back safely. Package it as if it were your own, insure it, and use delivery confirmation. Why take the chance of being out hundreds of dollars or more!

    3. Always communicate through the paypal dispute console. Once you've filed a claim with paypal immediately stop communicaing privately with the seller. Always communicate through paypal. That way if something happens paypal can see all of your communications! When I file a claim (even if seller is nice enough to do a refund with no ?s asked) I do it right away. I will not even email seller first.....when you open your claim with paypal there is a nice long spot to send a message to seller...use this!

    4. Don't fear the negative. If you are just a buyer and don't use your account to sell you shouldn't fear a negative. It is important for buyers to let other people know that this person is a scammer.

    well...that's all I can think of for right now. Please feel free to add onto my tips or share some of yours! By knowing what is true versus what is false about buyer's rights we can all help each other be safe on ebay!
  2. I've always been torn on the "no returns" thing. What if a buyer returns a counterfeit bag to the seller who sold them an authentic one? I think it's the buyer's responsibility to be savvy enough to make SURE they're buying from a trustworthy seller. Again, I'm torn on that.
  3. That is where the seller needs to protect themselves by putting some type of security tag on the item and documenting the item before sending it out (i.e. taking lots of pictures of item, etc.)
  4. Great post! Thanks for the information; I'll look at this for my reference!