Tips required - Pre and Post Hysterectomy

  1. I'm only having the womb removed (keyhole surgery) the consultant is hoping to leave the cervix in place - Anyone got any useful tips pre and post op. (By the way it's a done deal so the tip of getting a second opinion isn't necessary). Also the waiting list is 4 - 5 months, so unfortunately nothing is going to happen anytime soon.
  2. I had a total hysterectomy 6 years ago....It was rough...U will need help afterwards.PM me next week(i just had BA surgery and cant type good)
  3. Thank you Jill, will do.
  4. 2 words "ted hose".....make sure they put these on you after surgery to help prevent blood clots. Seriously.
  5. You're going to feel awful because of the gas they use.. Take it easy.. No lifting after and listen to your doctor!

    I had one in 2000, best thing I did. No regrets. I have my ovaries and cervix, just uterus removed for several reasons.
    They went through my belly button and I had to small holes for drains on the side of my tummy ( cant even see now)

    Its an easy surgery, just have to remember to take it easy and no lifting.