Tips or Tricks for Keeping Bag Looking New

  1. I thought it would be fun for us to share what tips or tricks we have for keeping our handbags looking new.

    I have heard about using purse organizers, apple guard, etc., but what else?

    I will say my "trick" for keeping the leather piping on the bottom of my handbags looking new after a lot of use is to use furniture touch-up markers to restore the piping. I use Guardsman markers and just dab the pipping. I let it dry and then treat it with apple leather conditioner. Looks new!!

    Anyone else?
  2. Keeping them looking new....

    dont put them on the floor(@at home/car/ while out)
    If you get stuff on them wipe then down asap
    take care of them, dont toss them around like they are toys.
    Dont over load them(weight wise)

    Personally I dont think using a purseket or organizer is going to keep them looking new.

    Perhaps using leather cleaners/conditioners would would help renew them
  3. rotate them frequently...
  4. i aways put my bags not in use back in their dust bags... also they are stuffed with paper so they keep their shape and don't get folds or creases...
  5. I switch bags every three days and hang them in a closet with space so they don't rub together. Dust bags on the really pricey ones sitting on shelves. My house may be a mess sometimes but my bags stay nice.
  6. To keep the bottoms of my handbags flat and the insides clean, I make a template of the bottom of the bag by turning it over and drawing an outline with a marker onto those flexible cutting boards or clear plastic place mats and then cutting it out and placing it inside on the bottom of my bag. It is easy to do and cheap. Avoid sharp edges and round off the corners. I sometimes cover the edge with colorful masking tape, so that it is smooth, but not always. They add no weight, but really help keep it clean and flat. Even helped a few older warped bags that my sister had not stored properly. I, too, store my bags stuffed and in pillow cases or sleeper bags.
  7. thanks for the tip im going to use the plastic i love that idea
  8. wow cinshad you are a really good bag owner! and creative too... i don't do anything that special. just the usual apple guard, dustbags and stuffing w/tissue paper. er and it's shameful to admit but i have a few bags (like my speedy) that are def not looking new anymore =(
  9. These ideas are great. It makes me want to take better care of my bags.
  10. I stuff my bags and shoes with tissue paper. The bags stay in their dust bags and the shoes stay in their boxes.
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  12. 1. Always store your bags in their dust bags.
    2. Don't shove them into the closet...make them fit nicely.
    3. Never set them on the floor.
  13. Thanks bABy for bring that to my attention. Just received your thread reply. I would like to say that most people do have the basic understanding on how important quality care is to the life expectancy of pricey designer handbag’s and accessories or anything for that matter. Most Fine, respectable sellers have world-class customer service staffs who disclose all care facts, some even in writing (like a pedigree) at the end of your transaction. *Right about the time, we choose our payment options and handing over the deed to our home comes in play. *Please understand that my “ENJOY” everyday designer and non-designer “Nine West” & few others share a spot in my closet, comfortably placed in the bag compartment/file hanger with upmost care. ** The Designer’s... well you know… LOL **Pedigree prohibits such foolishness on my part. Not even, mentioning the uncontrollable eye twitch I get when my dust bags are out of rank and file! I am proud of myself for caring for the BABIES; some simply leave them to fend for themselves. *Lionlaw’s thread read with FUN & SHARE sincerely apology LADIES for not being more clear & direct. Please forgive :heart:pink
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