Tips on wearing high heels

  1. Everytime I wear them I fall. I heard that it takes a few falls... but I've fallen so many times that I've almost ripped my COH's. Thank goodness I'm a SFAM girl. Anyways, any tips? Like certain ways to walk or how did you girls get used to it? I'm about to get a job that requires wearing heels so I have to learn quick.
  2. Put on a pair and practice, practice, practice! At home and on various floor types (carpet, hardwood, whatever). It's just a matter of getting used to walking in them. Take your time and maybe start with a lower heel until you can master high heels. Hope this helps and enjoy your new job!
  3. ^^ Yes! What print*model said, lol. I just started getting used to heels too and in the beginnning I would just wear them around the house/dorm (with socks to help stretch and break them in) and walk, walk, walk!
  4. I agree!! You need to practice! When I study I tend to pace and recite things out I just put on a pair of heels and do my walking...makes studying that much more interesting
  5. Practice and always walk heel-toe, not tippy toe!
  6. just practice! and wear them all the time- the more you wear them, the more you'll get used to them!
  7. I agree w/ the heel first, also go outside and rough up the bottoms so they're not slick!
    Also, if you can, walk in a straight line, like you're walking on an imaginary line, somehow, it helps me!
    Don't try wearing very high heels and wedges are easiest!:yes:
  8. Love Wedges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Also be confident that your not going to fall, that may help!
  10. i can just say what the ladys said before. practice practice practice and maybe start with 2" and then work your way up. really it will help and you will master it i am sure of that
  11. i wanted to add that getting a kind of starter pair of heels, super sturdy heels, a good height, with comfortable heel cups and enough room for your toes... that will help a LOT in terms of learning.

    and dont start with Manolos! IMO one of the hardest heels to walk in. sort of like the olympics for high heel wearers.
  12. I will keep the heel toe in mind. I almost tripped during prom haha. I ended up taking my shoes off that night. It's weird though. I can always walk while I'm at home or whenever I'm alone. I don't know if I'm just paranoid when people are around.
  13. practice and wear them all the time.
    if they are new they might need sometime to break into.
    the best way is to wear them around the house while you do your chores.
    carpet is misleading. i once practiced and walked so well on the carpet i thought i made it. WRONG.
    by the time i got down to my lobby on the hard marble floors i couldn't even stand straight. for my graduation i bought a 4" MJ heels and this time made sure that i wore it around b4 the big day. :lol:
    the worst thing was my parents were here and i had to take them sight seeing. they went to the opera house with me. i went up and down the stairs.
  14. I'm in your same situation!!!my tip is not to wear heels, unless that's pretty necessary!!!lol
  15. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!:biggrin::yes: