Tips on untangling a neck chain

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  1. Does anyone have any tips, I've tried everything.

    I've just received a necklace I bought online, it is so unbelievably tangled in two areas, I don't want to go thru the hassle of returning it.
  2. I unhook the ends, place it on a flat surface and slowly tease it apart with sewing pins. Can sympathize with the frustration. A couple times I bought necklaces that arrived as a knotted ball.
  3. I do the same thing BigPurseSue does. It's a little aggravating but with a little patience, eventually, you can get it untangled.
  4. Also get some of those maginfying glasses. That will help a great deal if the chain is tiny. I had 5 tiny chains tangled together and it really helped. Good luck
  5. place the chain on a smooth flat surface, like a table. tease them apart by 2 toothpicks! hold one toothpick in each hand, work like a crab. my mother's trick, its a satisfying remedy
  6. These are great methods.

    A helpful suggestion-- before taking out the pins or toothpicks, try to slowly roll the knot between two fingers. This will help loosen the knot. Sometimes it takes a while.
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  7. I have also found it helps if you use a piece of firm flat upholstery to stick the pins into while you tease out one part of the knot. It can be done - good luck!
  8. Exactly what I've done before and had no problems, this was more difficult since the chain has little tiny balls every so often but finally got it. Thanks everyone.
  9. The rolling usually works for me as well.