Tips on Traveling Alone with Baby

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  1. Hey ladies! I would love any secrets for traveling alone with my baby. We will be flying from CA to NJ or NYC when she is 6 or 7 months old.. and I'm kind of scared!!!

    I've read airlines will check car seats, strollers, and travel cribs for free- is this true?

    I'm torn about buying one or two seats. It's going to be so expensive but I'm not sure that 6 months is appropriate for a lap baby or if it's safe. We have a Chicco Nextfit convertible- heavy but airline approved. I thought about possibly buying one of those rolling things that attach to the car seat but I'm not sure if that's a crazy idea. I know need to practice with installing it because we never remove it since it stays in the car! Torn on whether it would make more sense to check it and scared of it getting damaged by luggage.

    We are using formula since breastfeeding didn't work out.. any tips about that? We tend to mix all of our bottles the night before but I don't know if that would be crazy or not. My husband is really adamant that the water needs to be boiled first and then go down to 160 deg before mixing. You can bring formula or breast milk through security, right?

    Sorry for writing a book. As you can probably tell I'm anxious about this whole thing! Would also love to hear what your favorite travel strollers are! We already have a Baby Bjorn travel crib which I really like and would hope to bring.
  2. I traveled from Seattle to Long Beach when my son was 2-1/2 months. I was a basket case, but all worked out. We even got complimented at the baggage claim for having a quiet baby. Believe it or not, babies are easier to travel with than toddlers. There was a screaming 2 year old on the plane. My son is now 4, so I would suggest looking your airline up online. They have current guidelines you can read through. Back in 2012, I remember I brought frozen breastmilk in a cooler (I was a pumper), and I brought a canister of formula. Don't premix unless airline policy has changed regarding liquids. They did open the formula canister and look in my bm cooler. I suggest using those microwave sanitizing bags that are good for several uses for your bottles. We bought bottled water for the formula once we were through security.

    I traveled with my baby on my lap. But our trip was only a few hours. I carried on my boppy pillow and he was comfy on that in my lap. Ask the person in front of you to let you know if he's going to put his seat back. Book your flight around feeding time if possible. Try to give him/her a bottle at take off. Hopefully your baby will fall asleep. If he starts to cry, as long as you are trying to do something, most people understand.

    We checked my sons infant car seat, the bottom part that sits in the car and buckles. From what I remember , we had a whole stroller/car seat combo system. We brought everything right up to the gate then left everything to check, and it was there when we landed. For free. I think hertz has car rentals available with cars seats for rent as well. Oh! And the airports we went through have a separate security line for families and people with prescriptions, etc. You can take more time and not feel bad.

    Looking back, I'd rather travel with a baby than my son now at four. You'll do fine.
  3. small stuff and the obvious formula, water, diapers, wipes, clean clothes need to always be within arm's distance. About the car seats, can't you just check one in?
  4. Key to travelling solo with infant is to streamline "stuff" - stuff to carry, stuff to remember, stuff to check when you're exhausted.

    Checking in strollers/car seats: your airline should have a clear policy on their website. Yes it is usually free. Don't assume you can bring to gate, I've always checked them at oversize early on.
    If you are hiring a car get a seat from the rental company or a baby hire company, it's often already installed for you.

    6 months is fine for a lap baby. I didn't buy a separate seat until 18 months for long flights. You might not be able to eat a hot meal off a tray table but such is life. Don't assume your neighbour will be happy to take her or that you will get a spare seat.

    I didn't take extra pillows/seats on the plane, hands are already full and more stuff weighs you down.

    Infant foods and drinks are always allowed through. Breastmilk I've always had waved through.

    Take a change(s) of clothes for her and a clean top for you (vomit/poo)

    Feeding on takeoff and landing is so important to minimise ear pain

    My travel stroller is the Uppababy G-lite, less than 4 kg, lightweight is important for me travelling alone. There is a crazy tiny folding stroller going around on Facebook now, I would get that!
  5. I just traveled with my five month old. I was so nervous like you. My experience was no problems with breast milk/formula, It was easier to go thru security. I checked everything at the desk and only took the diaper bag and my wallet. I used a baby carrier and it was easy to move. My airline checked the stroller and car seat for free. I agree with the take off landing eating. Mine slept the whole flight. I would buy pre made formula for the flight just to save you the hassle of mixing when your traveling. I'm not sure how long premixed formula lasts, unless you bring a cooler... I would love to know how your travels go! :flowers:
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