Tips on tips, please? VP Black patent

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    So, my quest to get a pair of black patent VPs has been challenging.....I ordered online from NM, and they sent calf leather with a burgundy they went back. I expected the black to come in with a red or burgundy tip, but last night they came with a black tip? I can't decide if I should keep them or return to try to get another tip color?
    Ladies, which tip do you prefer (and why) on a pair of black patent VPs? Red, burgundy, or black?
  2. I prefer burgundy. I like how it makes the shoe a little more interesting, but it's more subtle than the red.
  3. Hmm, this is tough because of's erratic shipments and the wide variety of combos available. It's all a matter of preference really. I happen to like the black patent with red tip. I have the black kid with burgundy tip because it was my first love. I bought them, returned them, only to want them again. At the time I really preferred the look of black kid. Now, I love the look of black patent against the red sole and the red tip. However, it's a bit too close for me to have both. Since I can't have both, I want you to have the black with red tip.
  4. thanks laureen and first i wanted the red tip, then when i got the burgundy tip (with the wrong leather) i liked that, and now that i have the black tip with the right leather i can't decide which i prefer.

    lovelyxmelody went through something similar with NM online and the tip issue on her seems that NM will send you whatever tip they want at this point.
  5. Personally I perfer the burgundy, but the red comes in close second.
  6. If I had to choose I'd also go Burgundy tip with Black patent.
  7. I like the patent with the burgandy tip. Like Laureen, I like the contrast and like that the burgandy is a bit more subtle than the red. Also, I have the kid black & red architeks which are a fancier NP.
  8. i would either do burgundy or red tip with black patent leather
  9. personally i like the same color tips on black and nude vps. i like to have red/burgundy pedis and i always worry that if it wasn't a close match it would look funny. also, i like burgundy tips better but i'm not sure i like the red sole with a different red tip, kwim? i feel like black with black or nude with nude just showcases your pedicure better and goes with more. but i do like how they look in pictures. i just feel differently for myself.
  10. I absolutely love my black patent with black tip. They go with absolutely everything! I also have the black kid with red tip and I love those. I suppose if I didn't have those (they were my first pair of CLs), perhaps I'd want the red tip?? It's so Louboutin to have the red tip I think! Hard decision! I don't think you can go wrong though! :smile:
  11. I just love how the red of the tip matches the soles. Red is my choice :smile:

    I love them all though, if I am honest! :biggrin:
  12. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them... but my personal preference is black patent with burgundy tip and black kid with red tip.
  13. I would go for the black patent with burgundy tip.
  14. Thanks for the input keya, aeross, ronsdiva, carlinha, hlfinn, amanda, chloe-babe, rilokiley, and sakura. Everyone makes good points -- truth of the matter is, I can't go wrong. May we all have choosing VP tips as the worst of our troubles. :smile:

    I think I'm going to go stare at the pair I received some more....I've been looking at plenty of pictures....
  15. I have to agree with thr majority here. Definitely Burgandy tip!!:yes: