Tips on Selling?

  1. i hope this is allowed- if not, believe me i am very sorry-

    I have some bags i need to sell but am not having any luck. are there any tips anyone can give on how to successfully sell a bag online? I have tried eBay (but the fees are terrible!) and using my live journal account (post on selling communities). What has worked for you?


    Hopefully this is okay since i am not asking for any personal eBay accounts or anything like that- just general tips. feel free to PM me if you'd rather.
  2. Do you have lots of pics and detailed information on the quality of the bags? I really can't give any tips unless I see some of your failed auctions!
  3. I agree, lots of pics and info.. you could try craigslist, but I have only sold on eBay.. unfortunately their fees are high, but that is usually a great way to get an item sold.
  4. i have sold on CL before and have had lots of luck, plus it's free!
  5. I suggest asking this in the eBay forum! There are TONS of posts there w/ great selling tips - Do's and Dont's - including a pinned eBay safety thread!
  6. yah, i have tried Craigslist as well and didn't get any inquiries. I have a ton of pics and the bags are all in perfect condition...hmmm