Tips on selling my SS 07 GUCCI Abbey w/Platinum hardware

  1. I am contemplating selling my Gucci Abbey. I'm just tired of this bag and want something new. The problem is, This bag is about $700 new, and I've only seen them get as high as $400 on eBay. I mean, I know it's used, but it's in perfect condition and I think it's worth more than that. How do I get a good price for it?

    I have all the things, box, dustbag, cards, receipt from Is this what people look for? What should I say on the listing?

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. I've sold some Tiff jewelry, my Prada and Fendi bag, and they sold for more than usual. I post about a dozen supersized images..not clickable thumnails so it's as much detail in your pictures and your description..most can appreciate detail and I mean take pics in natural light and flash and from different angles of the bag, be creative.. offer free insurance and a good shipping also helps to have 100% feedB.

    I know, it sounds simple, but it helps for me. :yes:
  3. It's great you have everything that originally came with the bag. It does help but I have to say whenever I've sold my used Gucci on eBay I normally am lucky if I get 1/2 of what I paid for it. Really think about it before you list. Or maybe you can sell it to someone you know.